Dan Patrick Booed at Rockets Game

That’s pretty funny, but I hope every single one of the boo birds actually voted in the recent election. If not, and they were eligible, they should boo themselves.

Really, can we stop needlessly inviting politicians to be spotlighted in a sports celebration?


It was Coooooogs! Not booos.


In the olden days, every time Jose Cruz stepped up to the plate at an Astros game, the crowd would say “Cruuuuuuuuz”. Sounded like a boo, but he knew better.

But I agree, politicians should not be mixed with sports. Especially in today’s polarized climate.


not suprised. i would think pro basketball is more likly to be higher majority democrat than nfl football and especially auto racing.

but yes, anything other than a president or a governor should not be recognized.

Act like an absolute dumbhead to half of your voters. Get booed. Simple math.

Throwing red meat to the base, means everyone else hates you.

Patrick is the absolute worst.


The guy helped get us in the Big 12.

Based on that, I sure as Hell wouldn’t boo him.

Can’t imagine any true blue Coogfan doing so.

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Someone took photographs. Those might appear in a newsletter or GOP mailout to establish he’s a man of the people. Don’t forget he was a sportscaster. Probably really loves the Rockets.

Because you see the world through uhlaw97 colored glasses.

I imagine the lenses are black and white.

He’s a Person of Suspicion. Worse than Abbott.

Dan Patrick lost Harris county by 30 points, Houstonians don’t like that fraud. Tilman was a moron for inviting him.

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Booing is still bush league just like Sheila Jackson Lee getting heavily booed at a Coog football game years back


How is booing bush league? We live in a democratic country where our individual voice matters, not some communist regime where you intimidated into keeping you opinion to yourself.

Booing = freedom

Don’t like the service you are receiving from your elected officials, let them know. Booing is a way of letting them know

I doubt it bothered him. He spent a few years in Houston and knows the people here.

I can’t stand Dan Patrick, but I am not for booing, but to each his own. It was stupid of Tilman to a bring Dan to a place 2/3s of the people don’t like him, and Im still not sure why you would want Dan Goeb at a Big E retirement party. It’s like sending Shelia Jackson Lee to the Panhandle when they are honoring some famous bull rider.


Patrick is a patriot!

Says the marxist

Fragile ego (clap clap clap clap clap)

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Booing is a time honored tradition.

I do hate when we boo our proud Cougar sports teams, because the booing should be directed at the coach.

No real way to filter that out.

I would boo the resident trolls on this board at a Wal-Mart, but they are too cowardly to reveal their identities.

For someone ignoring me you sure respond alot.

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Fragile ego (clap clap clap clap clap)

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Booing is freedom. Booing is a time honored tradition and booing is bush league. I agree with Butch.

I get it. Public figures and all that. I just think it says more about the person booing than who’s being booed. IMHO

I despise Cruz but the idiot who threw an unopened White Claw at him deserves jail time.


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