Dan Patrick is going to be re-elected

He likely would have even if this didn’t pass, unfortunately. Abbott and Patrick need to go. I’m curious to see if any tax relief for renters is still there and what the Franchise tax changes are for small business.

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Tell ya what.

Patrick has always been a strong advocate for UH.

Strongly promoted the $1 billion endowment up for a vote in November.

Also strongly supported UH to the Big 12.

Abbott helped us get a new medical school and BIG bucks for a new law school building.

Given that…as a proud Coog…I wouldn’t say that they need to go!


Out of curiosity, will this take effect on any property tax bill that is due next Jan/Feb?

Just wondered when homesteaders, etc. get all the promised relief.

Probably not, as this year has already started, which you pay next year.


In that case, I’d better not die before next year!


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He probably was.

You’ve said something like that before. While I certainly appreciate those things, I don’t know that I would necessarily vote solely on those issues.

I would say probably not, but then we have to see the language of the bill when introduced.

Well I would.

Issues affecting UH are the issues that matter the most to be at the STATE level.

Remember what happened to UH the last time Democrats were in those positions?

I’ll give you a hint: a dang CHURCH SCHOOL got into the Big 12, and UH got relegated to G5 purgatory.


But you’re not voting for him, right mr libertarian?

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Mr. Libertarian???

Where did that come from?

I identify as a Solidarist.

That said, yeah, I’d probably vote for Abbott and Patrick for the above reasons.


Yes, really.

As I said, at the STATE level, issues affecting UH are the issues that are most important to me.

Based on the examples provided, those two have done more for UH than pretty much anyone else that has held those positions.


But your vote won’t make a difference. Might as well use it for a third or fourth party candidate.

I could certainly live with Jill Abernathy for Gov.


No Solidarity Party candidate for LT Gov thus far though.

You should run.

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I don’t live in Texas anymore, but when I did, I recall the tax base was mainly sales taxes, property taxes, franchise/gross receipts taxes and severance taxes.

Presumably severance tax collections are down due to the oil glut, franchise/gross receipts taxes are being cut, as well as cutting property taxes, so is this property tax cut being funded by sales taxes and gross receipts taxes on large businesses?

Home property Taxes are going up exponentially, because its raised 10% every year. So its compounding interest.

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I’ll vote for both.

It should be limited to 3%.