Dana and the future of UH Football

I was one of those excited about Dana coming back to Houston. My reference was his stint here as an OC under Sumlin then off to OSU then to WV as the head coach. I really thought he could get us to where we need to be. I am not going to give up on him on one game. That team we played yesterday was good and out spends us with p5 money. Still we gave them all they could handle up till the second half. My hope is to see some more physical football down the line. But to me the jury is still out.
If after the season we are 500 or below we can asses at that time.


Nine wins…or we apply the Applewhite “Khatorian Principle.”


C’mon man. It’s not 1 game. It’s been 3 years; 21 games, and still the same old “stuff.” That’s more than enough time to render judgment.

Stagnation in football does not mean your running in place. It means you’re falling further behind. We can’t afford that getting ready for the B12. Time to focus on the large picture, not the short one with respect to this season.

Ask yourself this question — do you want the present HC and staff to lead this team into the B12?

If not, then you know what needs to be done.


Frankly, an argument could be made that he should win at least 9-10 games against this schedule…if he doesn’t do that, this season can’t be viewed as a success.

I’m holding all comments and/or judgment on Dana until the end of this year.


I actually think there are plenty of people on Cullen that would be fine dropping the hammer right now. The problem is none of them have the cojones to approach the executive committee and ask for the money.

Sadly Renu will be boxed in after about 10 games. A drumbeat to remove Dana and no one willing to finance it.


It would be better to cut ties sooner than later. We need to RECRUIT better players and implement a competent staff and scheme prior to (if in fact we do) enter Big 12 play.

The man’s lost touch and is not very personable. What momma would send their kid to CDH for tutelage. We need a new staff to come in, mend fences, and fix this mess asap. The only reason he’s still here is the buyout. FML…


It is 1 game but geez what a meltdown. I do agree cut ties early. What a sham he has been. I’m still upset by this result.

Get someone who recruits High school players and gets our recruiting rankings better.
Heck Holgs doesn’t even have a true OC, what a joke bc he needs one.


We need to wait until the vote tomorrow. Hopefully, the Big12 Presidents vote us in, and at that point, we will be focused more on BECOMING a Big12 team with Big12 talent.

We were out manned last night…you have to admit that they were bigger, faster, and stronger at every position. Even so we won the first half. TT made adjustments and beat us down in the second half. Period.

Still no excuse for not tackling and blocking. Picks to triple coverage, missing wide open receivers. We lost the game in the 3rd Q.

We have to improve from here. And assess at the end of the season. I detest losing as much as anyone, but we need to see if we show improvement from our abysmal finish last night.

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Yeah, there is a lot more moving parts going on besides football. Football wise we keep holgs this year, see how he does and how the play on the field is.

He needs to start feeling the pressure though bc I honestly think he feels he is untouchable as far as hot seat goes.

He may think he’s safe because of Tilman but as I posted somewhere else; I have it on good authority that Tilman will do the right thing, make the tough calls and put the University of Houston’s best interests above his friendship with Dana.


I was willing to give Holgs the benefit of doubt because of the terrible position the team was that he stepped into. He had redshirt half the team because Herman was using players to win and puff up his resume instead of red shirting bulding for the future. Then Applewhite took over and just could not manage a football team. The second year Holgs was trying to rebuild depth on offense and defense through transfers and recruiting. I feel now is the time he has to show something. If we lose games this year to team that should be wins then a change should be considered. I do think Tune needs to put on the sideline and someone else be given a chance. I am not asking for Case out there but Tune just not have the football IQ and pocket presents to be a great QB.


Oh me too, I also thought it would help us from a team building standpoint.
So frustrating.
What we need is to play mistake free football to have a chance to be the best we can be. The holgerson tenure has been full of fumbles/interceptions. And I’m not blaming any players its on the coach. Maybe sit guys out after mistakes, build a mistake free culture cause whatever this is ain’t it.


That’s the future of Dana and UH Football :football:


Ditto. CDH has been feeling the pressure much longer than anyone thinks. Every coach does for that matter.

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Why would you wait until the end of the year. If we beat Rice, Grambling, Navy, Tulsa, ECU, and/or Temple does it really mean anything? A loss to any of those teams should be an automatic dismissal, although I’m not really sure any of those games are gimmies outside of Grambling.

Further at this point, I don’t think close losses to Tulane, SMU, or Memphis are acceptable and blowouts to any of those should be an automatic dismissal.

I thought he was a horrible hire at the time and he’s done nothing to make me reconsider that belief He’s had three recruiting classes to get either an offensive line that can block for his scheme or a QB that can operate it and he has done neither.

Winning 7-8 games against this schedule is nothing but Helton Fools Gold.


I’m not buying that. We were plenty big, strong, and fast enough to dominate the first half. Tune has not improved his decision making. That’s on the coaches for not making him better or replacing him. We had a better QB option but he was playing for a different team last night. Where was the help against TT’s best receiver? Our coaches are not smart enough is the real issue,


We flat out beat them and out coached them in the first half. The reverse was true in the second.
That does not have anything to do with my statement. Their BEST WR was 8” taller than our BEST corner (who did a great job considering)…their retread 4-5 Star QB did better than our 3-4 Star QB…shall I go on ?

We need to actually GET INTO the Big12, so that we can recruit bigger and faster. Period.


This thought has crossed my mind.

Main reason why Levine was so successful in recruiting.

We could use “they were bigger and faster” but then how did we manage to win against okie state, ucla, okie, Florida State and others? You think they are bigger and faster? Then you put in a game plan to offset it. CDH has not done it when briles, sumlin, judas and even applesauce did against Arizona.