Dana ‘Every Day Fan’ Holgorsen

As I walked up to go through the security check upon entering the Fertitta Center last night, I looked to my right and standing in antother line with a ticket in his hand waiting to go through security was no other than Mr. Dana Holgorsen himself. Just mixing in with all the other fans waiting to get in. After he went through security he waited in the line to give his ticket to the ticket taker just like any other fan. I did not see him sitting court side so his ticket must have been somewhere in the stands with all us other regular fans. Pretty cool to see him play the role of a regular fan. No special passes to avoid standing in line, no VIP status for preferential treatment. Way to go Dana, showing your fan base you are just like one of us!!


He was in the club area for a bit but then I saw him head up towards the AD suite.

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Yea I saw him on my way up Holman and flipped him for it. Guess who lost.