Dana Holgerson Hiring

At least we got a coach who is not using UH as a stepping stone for some ridiculous reason since we know UH football can become big time again. Or at least we hope since we paid him good coin up front and a big bonus for a bowl win. Plus facilities and giving him a pretty adequate budget for his assistants. Plus you add how long he was at West Virginia bolds well for UH.


I agree with you. The last thing recruiters have over us is “they won’t play for a national championship”. OK Dana can rightfully counter that he has been in the P5 and most of the P5 schools will not play for a national championship but at Houston you have a much better chance to play for a conference championship and a spot in a NY6 bowl.

Throw in the fact that after this years draft we will have had 3 1st round draft picks in the last 6 years, he can show players that you can come to UH and make it in the NFL.


I’d say it’s more than adequate. I read on another thread that he’s getting $4.5 million as an assistant pool. Applewhite only got $2.8 million last year. There is no reason for CDH to not bring in top notch assistants. Just hope he does that and doesn’t overpay buddies for mediocre results.


So does this means UH will get someone better than Gibbs ??


That’s a fair question.

Does Holgorsen get hired regardless of what UH does in the bowl game? I would say yes. I guess we’ll never know the answer to that question but this was a great hire for the University!

It’s “bodes” not bolds FYI

One of the best things this does is show we are a destination job. That people can come here and have resources better than half of the so called "P5"s.

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This seems a bit odd, but I’m good with it. The more notoriety, the better.



Because he’ll be in San Antonio with all the coaches

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I think @2002Coog meant is was odd that the Texans were going to recognize him at the playoff game at all (could be wrong). Did they do this for past coaches?

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Coaches that will be playing in the Kickoff Game. run by the Texans, yes. Follow the money


Yes, that’s what I meant. I just think it’s odd the Texans are recognizing the hire at all, but I’ll sure take it.

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Ah, that makes more sense.

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I missed that connection. You mean they don’t love us and want to help out the local team???


And Dana may not hire an OC? Or am I reading too much into Dana saying he will “call the plays”?

There’s been so much information flying around, but I think I read somewhere that he’s going to have a run game coordinator and pass game coordinator as opposed to an OC. That sounds like a fine idea to me.

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Good to know. I cannot keep up with everything despite spending too much time consuming this info. I was ready to go all in on basketball after the bowl game and Tilman sucked me back into football for a little while

You and me both.

The simplest answer I can give you Dana is the de facto OC until he hires one. The only ones he’s hired in the past are guys he’s worked with before. No reason to see that changing short term.