Dana is NOT the man

I was excited about this hire. I have tried very hard to defend it. I have given Dana every benefit of the doubt. But…no more. The product he is now putting on the field in his 3rd year is pathetic. No innovation, imagination, no excitement - just flat and painful to watch. Almost laughable at times, if it weren’t so serious. The fan support is beginning to dwindle as well and attendance will too. This coach has no personality that creates relationships with fans, and I seriously doubt recruits are impressed either. True or not, he has developed a reputation that I think does NOT represent the University in a positive way. Get rid of him!


He’s winning… It’s been ugly at times this year but if he wins 9 games he should keep his job.

He definitely still has work to do as far as situational awareness with this football team is concerned, though.

I have been a public critic of Tune, but if he wins with him then that’s all I care about.


Not sure how I feel about Dana yelling at the fans though. That’s crossing a line.

Full disclosure, I’ve grown irritated by Dana and wouldn’t mind him leaving.


He is winning but against terrible teams, look at his wins the last 3 years, we have one game I think against a team of any significance, the product on the field is poor , we are not a good football team


He is acting like a coach that is in his first HC job, at any level. He looks like a fish out of water and definitely not like a coach that has worked his way up the ranks and has been a HC in the Big East and Big 12.


Dana is not the man? I concur! I’ve never seen a coach that puts a QB that has an injured hamstring in the game when he has a perfectly healthy option that is even more talented than the injured QB! All I could think of is just how egotistical he must be in trying to prove to everybody just how wrong they are in questioning his decision to play his chosen QB no matter his ability or the results of his games.


I was close to leaving Dana in the first half but two things happened: the defensive staff the DANA put together got their ducks in a row and found a way to change the trajectory of the game. And second, he found a way to make the running game go in the 3rd which gave Tune better options on 2nd down.

I knew Dana is heavily weighted to the screen because in his clinics that’s what he tells coaches. I liked the crossing routes better that he used in the second half. That was the Case-like philosophy he used when he was OC here. I hope he does it more.

Not sure we would have beaten a better team last night but Navy was the only team they sent.


Agreed. As HC, he is a clear demonstration of the Peter Principle and regularly acts like a complete jackass.


I’m telling you if we were 4-0 with four blowouts I think we’d be on here laughing at how Dana put a bunch of drunks in their place.


Here is a different perspective on Clayton and his injury. Derek injured himself pretty badly after his sack. Went into the tent and came out and got on the bike. They wanted him to come out of the game, he said no. He asked for some ibuprofen and told them he wasn’t being sidelined. My point is, maybe they wanted Clayton out and he refused like Derek did. Most players won’t come out on their own unless they are losing a limb. Clayton took himself out last time, maybe he felt he needed to stay in, not always on a coach. Just my thought.



Tune looked good in the second half… lots of good throws and only a couple of bad decisions. We need that ALL game.

It’s going to be tough to game plan with other schools knowing Tune’s hammy is injured and he, literally, can’t run… But that’s Dana’s problem not mine.

Just win baby!


I hope Derek is ok.


Thank you, us to. He’s a tough kid, and stubborn. We will be doing a lot of praying this week.


I am off the Dana train as well. I was stoked with the hire from his time as the OC but the spark looks burned out. Does anyone think he’s the guy to lead UH into the Big 12 ? Get a young hard charger with the fire in his belly. This program can be a Power House with the Right Guy leading the charge


He’ll get extended if we win 9. I guarantee it. Anything between 6-8 wins, he will coach next year and that’s it. Anything less, he will be gone. No inside info, just my gut feeling.


I think you’re right but TF has made billions in the entertainment industry…he’s got to know this is not going well at all


This is on Pez now. I think they brought in Pez to train him to be a real AD.

He will have to assess and recommend. The only place I disagree with Cary is the six games theory. I know its a lot of money but a 6-win season would erode season tickets to the point it might not matter that much.


We can win 9 this season and still doesn’t make him the right guy. We have an opportunity hearing to the big 12 and need to do whatever we can to take advantage of it with a splash. Starting with a coach willing to recruit.


He won’t win 8-9 games this year. His demeanor and stubborness won’t allow it. He must be removed after this year for the benefit of our B12 entry.