Dana is NOT the man

This year’s schedule is astonishingly weak. We can go 10-2 and play in the conference championship game.

edit: He will not be fired unless he goes 6-6 or less, but some of his assistants will .

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Not saying he’s the guy at 9-wins. Just observing what I think will save his job.

You have to have a lot of moxie to fire a guy at 9 wins and spend someone else’s 5 million+ to make him go away. Because its Pez that’s gonna have to make the call. Tilman won’t run our athletic dept forever. He’s got a real job. Keep in mind it will be another 2-3 year slog thereafter to get the next coach on track.

[Note: I changed “can’t” to “won’t” based on my non-insider perspective.]


Ever since I heard about Dana’s 5 year plan, I kind of hope he screws up so we can fire him. With cause.


This is deja vu all over again. I agree Dana is not the guy. I said many times that I thought he could be football’s Kelvin Sampson and build a program the right way. I don’t believe that anymore. And frankly, it doesn’t matter what his W/L record is.

So, yes, it is possible that we fire a coach with a winning season. That’s all the media will look at. There are those on this board that is still upset we fired Applewhite with a winning season/record. Are these same people advocating the firing of Dana?


I was hopeless on Applewhite.


I think everyone knew Major wasn’t the guy but he deserved a third year. Especially after the way we all moaned about Herman leaving after two. Dana’s already on his 3rd and is likely to get a 4th despite being clearly worse than Major. He needs to go and anyone still defending him at this point hates this program.


If so, I hope we are creative with it and keep similar buyouts despite adding years to the deal. At the very least, don’t increase it much.

That shouldn’t be too hard to do. Dana’s buyout is ~$2.5MM after next year which is pretty close to where Herman was when he left. We should go back to the lower base pay (~$600K/year) is guaranteed and rest isn’t. It’s not like Dana will have a ton of negotiating power this round.

Applewhite should never have hired D’nofrio. Career killer.


But…Orlando told him to!!!

It wasn’t his fault!!!

It was gonna be a “bad a## defense”!!!

Yah the Miami fans let us know what we were getting but we kind of wrote it off. Same thing with WVU and Dana. Hate to say it but we should’ve hired Kiffin to replace Herman.


Man oh man, wouldn’t I love for us to do that! Wish the buyout is a lot less and the admins feel the same way as us that this guy (Dana) is just not the right fit for us! I don’t think he will have the kind of success that Herman had his first year! He may give you a winning year, but NY6 Bowl? Forget it!

I was totally PO’d with the down field pass (incomplete) play when it was second and 5 or so with (I believe) under five minutes to go in Q4 with us protecting a lead. Should have ran the ball (which we did better in second half) to eat clock or force Navy to use a timeout. Then on third down Tune gets sacked. Turned out we won but that second down play call is just another example that Dana is not the man.


I concur

Agree, can’t rationalize how a coach can call that play, unless the QB saw something and changed the play to a downhill pass. Simply mind boggling.

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Pez is a yes-man and will do whatever Fertitta deems appropriate. We’re stuck with Dana for a while. Next year will be a walking disaster if our schedule has team with an actual pulse.


I have no problem with CDH yelling at the fans defending what they were saying to him. Fans often feel they have the right to say what they want when they want. I might have yelled at them too.
I was at the game and not really happy how the team played. What matters is he and the team figured out a way to win.
We sound like Tech fans on the board.
Who can we realistically expect to hire if Holgerson is fired. Its tough to build a team. Do we really want to start from scratch with a new coach. Sorry, I’m not there yet.


So spoke the mother of two warriors.

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To answer your question, yes, I think we should start fresh as soon as possible before entering the B12. The last thing I want is to see is an empty stadium entering B12 play.

Most fans see the writing on the wall. Records don’t mean anything if you’re playing a cupcake schedule and beating up on the sisters of the poor. Most people see Dana’s average recruiting, stubbornness in playing an injured QB over other players, poor offensive scheme, and continuation of poor play calling as evidence the program isn’t headed in the right direction.


Probably not a smart move, twindad wasn’t thrilled with his decision, but that’s just who they are and we love them!

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I agree with his Dad. Also, I taught school (for a while) and no one under my supervision (i.e. student) ever told me what they were going to do and lasted in my program. I told them what was going to happen. Same thing applied when I got into business and was a department head. I’d be open, listen, ask questions, but if I disagreed, they did it my way. Not a fan of players telling the coaches whatzup. Doesn’t speak well of the coach, imho.