Dana Loesch says the quiet part out loud

Just like the border issue they really don’t really care about being pro-life.

They managed to weaponize the relgious zealots and force their morality on everyone with no exceptions.

They don’t care about being pro-life, they only care about politics, power and fund raising.

It looks like Walker paid a woman to have an abortion. Normally that would be the end of his candidacy but no, Evangelicals prayed for him to have the armor of God as they look away on his history of violence against women, his lies, and secret kids out of wed lock.

But the GOP position is that it is OK cause you know…she was a skank and the senate seat is more important. Gotta win that Senate seat.


Are you applying this standard to Walker, the woman or both?

Seems that Mr. Walker talks a good game, but doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain.

This whole thing is reminding me of Bill Cosby. Remember how Mr. Cosby got a lot of play for his remarks on Black youth and personal responsibility? Fox News was all aflutter with him, and Laura Ingraham had him on her show a few times.

Then, like a year later, turns out this dude was a serial rapist. Fox News? Crickets!

I imagine Walker is going to learn this the hard way.

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Walker Texas Ranger


I live in GA, and in a center-right neighborhood. I can tell you that there is only one yard sign for Herschel Walker, while their are dozens of signs for Brian Kemp, the current GOP governor.

There are going to be a lot of Kemp/Warnock voters in November.

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Warnock is no bargain

Not even sure what you mean by that, but Warnock is significantly better, as a Senator, than someone clearly suffering from CTE.

Walker was my favorite player in Tecmo Bowl by far. But he’s not fit to lead, by a country mile.


Great point, although LT was the man in Tecmo Bowl!!

Well as a registered GA voter, let me assure you that I would much rather be represented by the leader of Doctor King’s church, than some empty headed, morally compromised, hypocritical ex-jock who clearly took too many blows to the head and then claims its due to MPD.

No Herschel, you don’t have MPD, you are just an A-hole!

Don’t listen to me, just listen to his ex-wife and his son (who is no left winger).


“Family values”, “Pro Life”, “Personal Responsibility”, “Role Model” mean different things to different people. Tommy Tuberville sits in US Senate, just saying.

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Then vote for the commie

Bill Clinton?

It’s funny, as much as certain Republicans throw around the buzzword “communism” to describe Democrats wanting to make Americans’ lives better, those same Republicans seem to be totally fine with their party’s descent into literal, textbook fascism.


CCoog, you’ve been outed for the rule breaker that you are. Are you suggesting that I, who is not a resident of Georgia, vote in their elections?

Seems like you play pretty fast and loose with rules.

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Not trying to stir the pot, but this was too perfect.


Worried much?

Ye without sin cast the first stone:

How many stones have you cast in the last month? I’ve seen a bunch…hypocrite much?

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Remember when you started a thread advocating for domestic terrorism? I do.

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And here comes the flags and lock, GOP hypocrisy needs to remain hidden.

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Two less than perfect candidates, for sure. Just goes to show people vote for those who support thier issues, flawed or not. You voted for Brandon, a senile old man who had run several times before and never got the nomination. If not for covid he would not be president now.