Dana out

He stinks.


Frost is available.

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Stupid post.


We are so far from being big 12 ready, gonna be a rough ride for a few years

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Dana is a good coach whatever he did at west vir is what we will get which isn’t bad. Kansas is a good team with a great qb . I think they will beat UT.

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Amazing satire. Cheers to that.

The Dana fan club has rightfully so retreated into a hole. What a disaster Dana has become

Wanna win some games?
Let’s win some games against subpar programs.


Tulane beat Kansas state. They will beat UH. This team is terrible.


Takes one to know one.

I’m a Dana supporter and I think he knows what needs to be done. But yesterday was worrisome. As just a fan I wasn’t comforted by his press conference, either. He stated he doesn’t like to blame one guy or one play. I agree with that. But I wish he would do a more thorough job of breaking down the failures and how they get fixed. He’s giving milquetoast answers to issues that recur every game. We know “we gotta do a better job.” But what exactly do we need to do that his staff is capable of? As a fan who’s never coached a day in his life I’m really interested in his perspective. And I’m not being sarcastic. I mean, maybe he can explain it in a way where it makes sense.

Until then I’m reduced to coming on this board and complaining that Belk’s alignments.


The first thing he needs is the desire to do what it takes to fix the problems. I don’t think he has that desire. He’s closer to the end of his career than the beginning, he’s overpaid based upon results, and he’s got a long term contract through 2027.

He’s been at UH since 2019, and he hasn’t recruited a QB to compete with Tune. Tune at best is an upper end backup QB, and his competition is: Lucas Coley, Ike Ogbogu, Holman Edwards, Roman Mula, and Jett Huff. This is the most important position on the team, and which of those guys would you want to lead the team into the Big XII?

Dana has proven who he is and he’s not going to change at this stage. If we can get out of his contract on the cheap, it’s time to move on. If we cannot get out for cheap, we’re going to be in for some really bad times.

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WV fans told us all this, I did not want to believe it, I thought Dana would do great here, I doubt now, last year we had a pitiful schedule, next year we are going to get smeared up and down the field, I hope I’m wrong but these last two games tell me otherwise and we have NO experienced QB yet next year

Time for judus to make his comeback. Htown takeover baby!