Dana Rumors

Pretty sweet there really are none so far!

Remember when every great season had this pall cast on it that our coach had a good chance of leaving at the end of it?

In all the “Why did we hire Dana?” questions from a few months ago, this was one of the reasons.


Leading the witness, your honour.


Even if Dana wanted to leave (which I truly believe he wants to stay in Houston long term), what has he really done to garner any attention? He’s 10-1 with probably one of the easiest schedules we’ve had in a while, and we still almost lost a few games.

He needs at least two to three 9+ win seasons with wins over ranked teams to gain any interest.


He has done plenty to garner interest. Look at UTSA. They almost lost some games too.
He wants to be here and people know it.


What has Sonny Dykes done?


The people that make these decisions know what Dana faced when he got here, what he has done since he got here, and what he did before he got here. It is my understanding that earlier in the season at least one school contacted his agent to judge whether he might leave UH or not. His response through his agent was an emphatic no. He is where he wants to be.


Dana is staying. He loves the city.

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Does he really want to go to another rebuilding effort.

Nothing to see

We’re in another golden age of coaches staying and building here.


I don’t think you’ve paid much attention to how the coaching carousel works. At 8-0 against a weak schedule a year after going 7-5 Traylor got a 10 year extension to fend off interest elsewhere. Look at Willie Taggart’s resume before getting Oregon and then FSU. PJ Fleck, Chad Morris, etc.

A coach with a solid previous run in the Big East and Big 12 who goes 11-1 and 8-0 in the AAC in his first real year here could absolutely garner interest elsewhere, especially with all the openings this year.


Now known as…
“A U. Of Houston” coaching move…




Dana’s a Houston lifer. Unless we fire him.


Doug Belk is who you should be worried about.


I was the biggest Dana skeptic. But I will say anytime you win 10 in a row in FBS you are doing a great job, no matter what the schedule.

It is hard to win and harder to win on the road.

He had me scratching my head many times this year, but he has come through. I hope we continue to get better and beat better teams.


Well he was on the hot seat several weeks ago … until … someone took it outa the freezer after the SMU game …

Even the horns could be keeping Sarkisian and might be getting Patterson as a defensive consultant … OU will be in trouble if Lincoln goes to LSU …

Who’s hot seat !!

Yeah, I think it’s clear that Dana likes it in Houston. I heard that he still kept a home here whenever he was coaching at WVU.

I’m just glad that we have a coach that isn’t sniffing around after a good season. But even if he was, I feel that we have positioned ourselves as a desirable landing spot for talented coaches.

Having said that, Dana has a 1 million dollar bonus coming his way for sticking around at least until we enter the Big12. And I believe, once we’ve entered, he’ll have his contract renegotiated. He’s set up pretty well sticking at Houston.

And yes, Belk is that guy you should be concerned about. He’s got head coach written all over him.

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No rumors because he hasn’t proved anything here. This is 1 year. He wore out his welcome at his other gig. My friend is WVU grad n fan most of the fan base was ready to see him leave.

I’ve been wondering if the assistant salary pool is upped this off season. In my opinion it’s crucial to keep this staff together a few more years ( I’m referring mostly to our defensive coaches). Belk needs a hefty raise along with Early getting a bit more also.