Dana says the offense is embarrassing

I was embarrassed when Army hung 70 points on us.

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The Army game was a benchmark in failure.

CDH might be able to survive this season with a competitive sub-.500 record, if the team is competitive in games they lose to more talented teams.

That was not the case against TCU. UH was overmatched. CDH complained about not being able to establish the run. Then, he stated TCU was dropping 8 and rushing 3. UH was not able to establish a running game with 3 primary defensive rushers. To quote CDH, that is embarrassing.

If this doesn’t get corrected quickly, I think we are in for a long season my friends.

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When is the last time we actually established the run? Not really even when we had AMc though he was often good for a few big ones.
Coach is full of it. This offense lacks the work ethic, creativity and scouting to make it all work on game day.


Anyone without scarlet tinted glasses on knew we were in for a long season.

The highlight of the season will be game 1 in Oiler throwbacks


Is there a link to the postgame press conference?

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Speaking of Major, why is his Wikipedia picture him in UH gear. Someone needs to edit that. Lol

91st in offense.
Running w clunky MACtion in Off rankings ? Its grim.
MACtion iffense

Bottom 10 in defense.
Anything from the offense would help.

THIS is why you hire young and ambitious coaches that are willing to sacrifice everything to prove they are a good coach.

CDH was a mediocre retread…that NEVER showed an ounce of sacrifice or ambition.

Hard hard was this outcome to predict??


Ouch…and people want to give The Dud more time…smdh

How bad will this rancid offense be vs the better defenses ?
So far vs UTSA 61st, Rice 72nd, TCU 77th in total defense.



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But we control the ball. How can we be so bad defensively.


Yup! Control the ball with 3 and outs and still getting lit up on the defensive side of the ball.

A complete failure.

Can’t coach and can’t lead.


Sometimes Dana our players just aren’t as good as theirs. That’s not the players faults, that’s your fault for not getting better players. The players want to win and they try to win. If our talent isn’t up to the level of the other teams we play that’s on Dana.

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“Dana Holgorsen called the UH offense “embarrassing.” Holgorsen said the Cougars inability to run the ball was a major factor to the offensive struggles. UH had 41 total rushing yards on 27 attempts.”

This is the definition of insanity. Does he not see the predictability of the running plays? Absolutely no creativity. Just hand the ball off and run it up the middle. No misdirection, no pre-snap motion or two-back sets, almost no use of the TE, and very few screens to the RB.

Wow, what a great observation, Dana! He really needs to look in the mirror.

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This is the root of the problem. Dana makes these statements as if he is an observer not a part of the program. Accepting responsibility is the start of correcting the problem. The correct statement in this and the Rice loss is “My coaching is embarrassing”. I would cut him some slack if he said this and then corrected the problem by working harder at coaching the young men committed to the program up for the the following games. My bi**ing and moaning is not directed at the players that could be reading the threads but pointed at coaching. I will continue going to the games to support the players but Holgerson owes them better in coaching for their commitment to his program. The failure falls squarely on DH not the players.

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