Dana stays. Fine. It's time to make a change at DC

WTF is with the hater and “emotional decision” crap? All Dana has done here is underperform and the most diehard fans do not even feel anything after these losses.

He needs to go. Not wanting to pay a big buyout does not mean you are making a sound, unemotional business decision, it means you f’ed up extending him.


Gary Patterson.

Will most likely want a big buyout

who is going to roll in here as a DC for one year with a coach that does not even try to control the football with the offense or have any skills managing the clock

you might get someone off the rubbish heap, but you are not going to get anyone with options

Either that or have to offer a 2-3 year deal with big money. Dana is going to struggle mightily to get assistants.

Dana about to make some big time portal moves!


Anyone see Nelson Ceasar’s response to question asked by paper city mag? He was asked for his thoughts on the overall progress of the defense this year. His response: no comment. Wow.

“We needed to fire Whitting, but extended his contract instead.”

I see a pattern here.

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That in itself is a fireable offense

It seems to me that if the football program and the baseball program are both struggling, and the current AD was involved in the hiring and/or extending the contracts of the two head coaches, that AD would have to go.

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The fact that Todd Whitting is still around is ABSOLUTE MALPRACTICE!


It’s not fine if he stays.

Put the money into a collective & go get better players.

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