Dana Sunshine Pumpers Needed!

I loved the hire and was a staunch Dana supporter…until his antics last year. Final straw was when he told the fans to F-Off. In retrospect, it was an emotional, feel good hire. We took a HC from a P5 instead of the other way around and it felt good. Now, I wish him gone yesterday. His act is old and stale. He’s done a terrible job getting this team ready for Big Boy Ball. He looks like a Not Ready For Prime Time Player instead of Must See TV.

We didn’t “take” Holgorsen from WVU. If memory serves me correctly, WVU wasn’t renewing his contract and he bailed before WVU let him go. Most WVU fans were glad to see him go as I recall. Now we know why.

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Those so called haters just want what’s best for UH. How can you not see that. You used to be a Dana lover, now you see what the haters were talking about, but it only took you 5 seasons to finally get it.


I have never been a Dana lover, I have been a Dana supporter and will continue to be as long as he is our coach. I have been able to see his shortcomings, but I also see his positives. Regardless he is our coach and I see no benefit in bashing him constantly. There are dozens of threads that are just to bash him and others that are about something else get steered off course by Dana haters.

A lot of the criticism is unfair or excessive and some is warranted, but how does an constant drumbeat of negative posts help the situation or recruiting?


How does CDH throwing his players under the bus and saying our roster isn’t good enough for the Big 12 helping? I hope he hypes them up constantly behind closed doors to offset his public comments.


Dana is a hard person to love. He is the opposite of warm and fuzzy.

Mike, I have the exact same viewpoint and opinion as you. I will never understand why the bashers enjoy making thread after thread that bash CDH as if they dont believe one simple thread like they have done with “Expansion Thread” will do.

If only they would do that then we could simply place that thread on ignore and everyone would be happy. As it is I have to muddle through their rants on most of the active threads to try and find some useful information about the players and program.

The haters continually antagonize and ridicule posters that try to explain exactly what you just said as if you are wrong for supporting all aspects of Cougar Football, coaches included. The title of this thread is evidence of that.

Our position is not “keep Dana at all costs”. It is support the current coach until he is no longer the coach. For some reason that translates to “Dana lover” and “Sunshine pumper”. Well fine, then to me the “I’m done” crowd translates to “I’m not a serious UH fan, in fact I am a fair weather fan. Either win or I wont watch you play”.


Let’s not act like you don’t :heart: :heart: reading and complaining about them


Frankly I wish you would all go away so no, I will never act like I :heartbeat: :heartbeat: their posts.

If you mean it you could ignore all the posters with differing opinions, instead of ignoring the threads… though I think you admitted in the other thread that you go back and look at ignored posts (?), so maybe not really ignoring them

I am impressed you look at and remember my posts. I had no idea you were such a follower. However, I should have suspected that because now I can hardly post anything without you responding in 20 seconds or less.

Yes, every once in a while, perhaps 1-2 times a month I will look at a hidden post that responded to me directly. I am somewhat hoping perhaps they warrant removal from my list. It hasn’t happened yet.

And to clarify, I do ignore many posters but not all of the “I’m Done-ers”, at least not yet. It would make it easier to ignore them all at once by ignoring the thread, which I have done a few times. The problem is there seems to be more threads to ignore than posters. Im not against either method however, I just was hoping you guys would make it easier

So here’s the choices:

  1. Ignore them all
  2. Admit you :heart::heart: it
  3. Stop complaining

I knew where I’d find you. On another Dana thread.


Choices according to who? You? LOL. No, there are other choices but the ignore list does keep growing. #3 would be a good choice for the rest of you though.

Perhaps the notion is escaping you but if you complainers stopped complaining then there would be no response from me or other supporters. There are very very few posters who support Dana or the program that post how much they like him, love him or whatever. Look in the mirror dude, it is you guys that drive the negativity on this board.

Since you follow my posts so carefully, find one that says anything other than I support the current head coach. I do not say he is doing a fantastic job, he is my role model or anything else of that nature. That is the point most of you negative Nancys dont get.

Ha ha
So choice 4 - make statements you aren’t willing to back up?

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Ahhh, there you go again. Is that a question or an accusation? If it is a question then no, that wasnt #4. And you dont disappoint. You are keeping up with your 20 seconds or less response time.

LOL @ this thread…look what Dana has done to the fans

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It isnt just Dana. Before him it was Applewhite. It is the fact that people want to vent their frustrations and posting negative things anonymously makes them feel better. Right now frustrations are high with Dana and people cant help themselves, they need validation for their negative feelings and threads like this one are created by them.

Why don’t you ignore them all then?

I think because you :heart::heart: it and you think you’re getting off some pretty clever burns

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What if we post thinly-veiled insults of Dana that are cloaked in compliments? Would that get us through the Ignore Firewall?