Dana Sunshine Pumpers Needed!

Eventually I will probably ignore them. Some of the negative Nancys actually say something interesting sometimes so I choose not to ignore them. Others, like yourself, dont provide useful information so eventually yes, they get ignored. The list is definitely growing.

(15 secs) whatever - admit you :heart::heart: the back and forth

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LOL, I just saw I am #3 on your “most replied to” list. Im not sure if I should be honored or frightened.

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I’ll take that as an admission


Of course you would. Assuming is what you do. I am going to be the grown up here and not reply any further. Clearly this conversation has zero value to anyone and it seems you really want the last word so take your shot and I promise you wont get a response. Doing anything else is better than what this has turned into.

What are we supposed to talk about on a UH football message board?

The weather was really nice this past Saturday?

The “haters” are allowed to vent. This dude should’ve been gone 2 years ago. Actually, we never should’ve hired him.

I will give props to Dana though for being a fast walker around campus. I would estimate he was going at a 4.5mph pace on the sidewalks yesterday. That’s my favorite thing about him. This University has a problem with slow walkers that form in group of 4 or more.

But this dude shouldn’t be the football coach.



Nah just saying you seem to complain and complain and complain about posters, reply to Dana posts, hype up the ignore feature, then don’t use it, repeat. Gotta either admit you like it, stop complaining, or just be, as someone else said, a walking contradiction, right? If it’s all just kind of a bit you’re running here, then respect on that too… I appreciate a good bit.

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If so, I will be supporting the successor.


If we’re only posting positive things, this board is going to be rather empty for now


Any chance Morgantown we can work out a trade ?

“I have never been a Dana lover, I have been a Dana supporter and will continue to be as long as he is our coach…”

I’m a glass half full person. I look at things from a positive view point. When doing an employee review I start with the positives first (then move on to where they need to improve). I’m not a sunshine pumper.

I’m not enamored with CDH at all. Since I’m not the one of the powers that be calling the shots on his employment, I’m not going to spend my time ranting or raving about CDH.

I am enamored with UH football.

It is a different world we live in today. I have always gone to the watch them play the game. To many people today go only to see the team win.

There’s so much more to see in football at college level. I played football, so I know how much time and hard work goes into it.

The defense has been good to watch. They’re hitting harder, tackling better, and reading the offense so much better this year. It’s a bend don’t break style and they’re allowing breaks too often. But they’re getting better.

The offense is a ways behind the defense. OL is not where they need to be yet. QB needs to do faster reads. Excited about receivers.

A win is always sweeter. I do get angry at timed during games.


Another person that makes sense. Your attitude will result in far less stress over time. The “I’mDone” crowd? Not so much. We need more fans like you and Mike and fewer "I’m Done"ers.