D'Anthony Jones wrote an op-ed

Very well-written


This is a really cool read. There are definitely issues with discipline and focus on defense. I also think there were scheme issues for defending the RPO that is on the coaches. I do think the issues on defense are easier to fix than the issues on offense. Offense has playcalling issues and that takes the coaches to fix, which we don’t know if Holgorsen will do considering Dawson is a drinking buddy.


That was a terrific article. Thx for sharing.

This is what leadership looks like.


The Dline other than Parish looks fat and out of shape.


I’m glad to see the players are taking responsibility and are getting pumped to do something about it.

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This is all nice but make a gosh darn play.

We are the worst tackling Coog team in a long time.

Other than Parish, we are pillow soft.

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At least they are self aware of it. That was a bad performance for the coaches & players.

We don’t have the talent = speed & athleticism according to Dana.
Kinda contradicting if he’s the coach in charge as far as recruiting & signing these players for 5 years.


We don’t have the talent BECAUSE of Dana.

He has been blaming the players since he got here. “I can’t coach this sheet”. No coach you can’t coach worth a sheet.


Great read. Thanks for sharing.

Rice QB is not the running QB that UH has faced the last 3 games.
I expect UH to win but the game could feel like the UTSA game without OT.

Tulane QB M. Pratt against a good K. State team had the following stats.

Rushing 13 carries for 87 yards (games leading rusher)
Passing 13 - 26 for 176 yards, 1TD and 2 INT’s

Was a very defensive game at K. State.

Battle of Undefeated teams this week.
Kansas 3-0 vs Duke 3-0 Anyone see that happening before the season?

Here’s hoping everyone gets together like after the Tech game last year and everyone turns the corner at once. There’s plenty of season left to save.


You see the difference when UH loses in basketball Kelvin Sampson takes the blame most of the time unless otherwise.


I have really liked Jones since he arrived. Great to get something like this from the players themselves. Last year the boad had gotten me down on the team and then i watched a Mutin interview and understood the board doesn’t know the locker room at all. We wouldn’t have gone 12-2 last year if the fans were in charge. Our players will set the tone and determine where the season goes from here.


Kansas fan at the game mentioned how they had several close games last year but team had not become special until a QB change was made.

Kansas fan mentioned I had not heard before. At WVU Dana had a very good QB who was a duel threat, but suffered many concussions (like Piland) had to quit. I do not remember the QB’s name but he is now an outstanding OC. Many in the BIG12 believe that Dana blames himself and tries to limit QB running. Again, that is from a Kansas fan.

After the game a UH fan told me that they were trying to protect Tune from injury and would not let him run more with R/O plays until conference games. Tune can run and R/O is needed with UH O problems.

Clint Trickett

Did anyone see Tulane being the only undefeated team in the AAC at this point?

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5 years ?

Reminds of of the Herman comment “trying to make chicken salad” presumably out of a mixed bag of good and bad pieces of chicken.