Daphane white

Does anyone know where she has been. Is she injured.

I haven’t seen Daphane the last two games, in terms of info on the team and players, it’s non existing from this staff. Former UH coaches, Woffin, Williams, Kenlaw, Curl and Buchanan were always upfront about non personal things associated with the team. This group is like the CIA.

Fwiw, There was a Tae’Lor Purvis sighting in the Memphis game 4min/2pts//1reb…

Yea i saw her. I wish UH would give more info on thenladies program. I really like this team

Things are a lot different today than in the past. Privacy rules, for better or worse. Any non-public information needs to come from the athlete or family or there are consequences.

Anyone know if she is still on team

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She’s still on roster. So may be Covid19 issue where she needs to stay away.

I thought about that too. But she has not played since january.

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