Davon Sears Jr


Current TX State player with UH, OU, Miami, Cinci, USC, UTenn, Penn State, Arky and Hawaii offers. Two years eligibility.

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Good offers. I’d try to get at least 5 visits out of that list.

Not counting UH, I’d do OU, Penn State, Miami, USC and Tennessee.

The funny thing here is that he waa as Netflix badly to come to shah and even committed to us a couple years ago. Then we got a transfer DL and cut him. Now seems lots of big name programs are after him and have already offered do we offer him again . Since he was committed to UH before we should have had lots of info so shy so late in offering once he entered portal.

  1. Maybe we thought he would not be interested since we cut him loose before.

  2. Maybe it’s because we have so much information on him.

We cut players who are seeking other opportunities and claim they’re not big 12 material but then we offer g5 folks? Ain’t that an oxymoron?

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Why wouldn’t you just tell him to just make One stop at UH n say I’m good. Where do I sign. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

He is getting offers from a lot of power programs after a year of playing at TX St. Not sure what is wrong with offering him.



55 DL nationally

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He went juco route before Texas State…dude’s a wildabeast

We need a beast edge rusher


I can assure Mr. Sears that he will be more welcome at UH than those other schools.

He’s from Michigan but playing close by…

Lol because I’m looking at it from a neutral player’s POV and not as an alum.

Hehe. Ok can you go ahead n change that POV to a Coogs fan or UH Alum pls. We need luck & help.

NIL shopping? Gulp!

Back story is a couple years ago this young man was very pro UH on twitter . He wanted to come but our offer was not commitable. When it became commitable he committed . Then We got a transfer DT and basically told him we didn’t have a ship for him. He signs with Texas Stste. He entered the portal a couple of weeks ago and has gotten offers from Southern Cal , Penn Stste , Tennessee, Miami. Kansas State,Cincinnati and many smaller schools including Hawaii. He tweeted out yesterday he was close to deciding where he was going. Then today we offer…. Again

I jokingly asked on another site why didn’t we just wait for him to commit before offering?

Maybe our problem in the portal is we are too late in offering?


Maybe UH needs to add a $10K late fee to it’s NIL?

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Man… UH could use some height at the DT position.


Announced his top three:
OU. Tennessee, Penn State