Davos ski shop says won't rent equipment to Jews

Anyone saying racism isn’t political doesn’t know what politics means. That’s the problem.

It’s more than that, sure. But it’s certainly political, as in “us versus them” which is political.

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What was political about it?

Again, there are gray areas. We try to let discussion go on until it crosses over.

There isn’t an exact science to it either. We do our best.

If you post about politicians, it’s not likely to be allowed though.

Stop being intentionally obtuse.


By asking for clarification?

Read what I’ve already posted.

So that would make every game thread political.

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It’s political because the person who said it is inherently political.

If You, Chris, or I said it out would be borderline but probably ok. But a political figure especially the source is going to be political.


Coogfans mod against posters wanting to make a thread political.

What is it you do not understand JohnnyCougar? This has nothing to do with politics but racists.

On Saturdays they don’t drive, walk all day and their attire when they head to the synagogue is distinct - that’s the only way I notice where I live

Historically they can change there name to blend in

Chris, if you review the statistics specifically from Davos you’ll see that the number you pointed out is currently 0.69%.

Those that don’t drive and walk to synagouge on the sabbath aren’t going to be renting skis on the sabbath either.

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interesting that this topic is allowed on the board…the satellite. Just re-open the politics board…

Well, as I have said to Johnny, I don’t believe this is political at all.

some a-holes behaving badly and being refused service. They happen to Jews. Jews behaving badly. I wouldn’t call that anti-semitism.

When you make a blanket provision of "no Jews allowed’ or “no blacks allowed” or “no Christians allowed” because of some members of those groups who were bad customers, yea it falls into the racisim category. That’s pretty plain to see.

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Switzerland? The neutral “safe haven”? Man, this world is going crazy.

being banned from a high end tourist area like Davos for acting like a-holes is anti-semitic…sounds more like entitlement…

Do they not have credit cards in Switzerland? Just take one for deposit and charge it when stuff is broken or not returned.

Seems odd on its face, but it for sure is anti-semitic.

Once you single out an entire group of people. It’s the textbook definition of anti-Semitism, racism, etc. Doesn’t matter if a group of people seems to cause more problems than others (I’d require a lot more evidence than the anecdotal word of an individual or individuals though)

This is no different than if a shop owner here in America has some issues with black customers and hung a sign out front saying “No Blacks allowed” equally not ok.

They want to keep files of people causing them issues and refuse to rent stuff on an individual basis, I have no issue with that.

I worked in the tourism and hospitality industry a long time ago, and there were certainly groups from other countries who seemed to have issues with respecting rules and boundaries about things. Doesn’t mean you can ban all of them.