Day 2 games - non UH

Usc going to take it to MSU

I have MSU winning this matchup in all my brackets

Let’s see!

Man. Hoggards take charges not run into them. My brother must be tsking

USC is horrible.

If they are depending on Boogie Ellis to save them ….yikes

That fools out there trying to go one on one every damn time in his highlighter shoes……

We shall see!

Boogie Ellis has gotten a lot better since his time at Memphis.

I agree with that….and honestly I have only seen USC play twice this year.

Once was against Wisconsin early in the season and then against Arizona later……both games I remember he shot poorly and he was more about himself and getting his than team basketball….obviously he had better games during the season….I’m just going off what I have seen.

Kennesaw is up at the half!


Tournament Sean Miller is back smh

Big Ten is so overrated, but I should not have picked Izzo losing in the first round. He has been to 25 tournaments. Has only lost in the first round 5 times.

Game 1 is always the hardest.

Baylor struggling with UCSB, down 34-33

Baylor & Xavier losing so far :hushed:

I think Xavier will probably lose.

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Playing at elevation can create some unusual games. Ask (H)Akeem 40 years ago.

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UC Santa Barbara ended our season in 1990. That 1990 team was pretty good.