Day 6 - …and I thought July will be a quiet month

I would assume that Renu, Tillman, and Pez are quietly working with their counterparts at the other AAC members as to what to do that is best for the AAC. I think they are also working on what our options might be independent of the AAC as a whole, both singularly and in concert with one or more current AAC members. I think this is the best approach and will save us any public embarrassment like that being experienced by TAMU. TAMU would have been much better served to have made their comments in private to the other SEC officials and school presidents.


I know their silence is deafening, but if anyone knows what’s at stake, it’s Pezman, Khator, and Tillman.

Fret not, and let them do their jobs.

Go Coogs!!


I have said this before. The PAC 12 commissioner’s previous job was far below anyone that Tillman would run into.

The man had a very nice job. Ran the entertainment shop over there at MGM. I am sure it paid handsomely.

Tillman is an owner he deals with top level brass not division heads of another outfit, unless he is trying to hire them.

So the Casinos have nothing to do with it.

On the other hand Tillman’s name alone causes people to pick up the phone.

Every commissioner in the country will talk to Tillman. Money gets you listened to.


Means nothing either way.

Do you really think we need to hear our AD say we will explore all opportunities that may benefit our program? Actually I think he has said that and it still makes no difference to me. It is like the commercial when Captain Obvious speaks.

OU and Texas found their lifeboat. Everyone else is still adrift. Kansas maybe to the Big Ten, WVU maybe to the ACC.

Nobody else has any prospects at all if we are talking about getting scooped up by the ACC, PAC, or Big Ten. Figuring out what real options we have and with whom we should align will take some time.

Silence is a good sign.

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It will be interesting if Arkansas decides not to let OU and UT in…some sources say that would be enough to shut this whole thing down…

They all already have the votes to get in. It’s just a formality now.

I will assume their silence means that they haven’t heard anything yet. :roll_eyes:

Some of you I assume have played poker or any other types of game that involve bluffing/thinking.
Why should our leaders show their intent(s) when none of this (utau and okie leaving) is actually official?
When the official letter of intent for them to leave the small12 does become official then we start appearing some movements…But will it? utau’s history is filled with back stabbing so this is not a done deal until every official paperwork has been signed.
Now regarding the PAC we have one thing for certain. They hired a new commissioner for one reason. We all know what it is. The PAC schools want more money. The best way for more money is always related to tv/eye balls coverage. Put yourself into a media company wanting to enter the media market. They are not too many. But is TV the end game for the ideal company signing with the PAC? Every road or arguments that we can make points to amazon signing for with the PAC.
Why you may ask?
Because it represents the best value to their share holders.
PAC viewers have one the highest income per capita in the nation.
PAC viewers represents how many viewers?
PAC viewers are already amazon customers.
PAC viewers are ideal target for amazon to tailor marketing packages associated with goods and services.
The PAC and amazon are a perfect marriage waiting to happen.
This leads us to UH.
How many amazon customers does the greater Houston area has?
How many eye balls are in the greater Houston area?
What better way for amazon to bring in the sleeping giant while gaining Nielsen rating?

It’s all quite on the western front

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Or he is sleeping.

By next Friday we’ll know where we’re heading or if we’re stuck…and the terms.

That’s my bet.


Kudos to all our conference mates for keeping their mouths shut. My guess is nobody says anything until Aresco says something definitive. When you don’t know what is going to happen and you are the stewards of your respective programs, not being stupid means keeping quiet.

One thing for sure, we won’t be taking a step backwards no matter if we move to a stabilized Big 12 or an remain in enhanced AAC. Until the Big 12 schools have exhausted getting to the PAC or ACC or Big Ten, don’t expect Aresco to say too much.


Yea. If Aresco was as smart as people that have worked with him say he is then I expect he is executing Plan A as we speak and the news today was his leak.

Expect more strategic leaks…and nothing more.

If Aresco can guide the AAC through this intact then I will be a true blue believer.


Guess we will see how good TAMU is at lobbying

Don’t know if it is by next Friday. But I think within the next month.

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All I know is there’s a huge Amazon distribution center about a half mile down the road from my subdivision here in Katy. You don’t go a day without seeing several Amazon delivery trucks in my subdivision. That’s beside the ones my wife has coming seemingly every day or so.

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Big News!
I just saw on Channel 13 sports that he has word from sources in the AAC, that the AAC is planning on trying to poach some of the B12 teams. This was what I have been advocating.

Which Big 12 would you be talking about. Interesting!

Guys none of this means anything. It is just postering.and saying what they need to say while things shake out. Everyone with a chance to benefit from all this will be exploring every opportunity.