DC Rumors?

Anything out there ? Coach V ? REALLY liked that CDH stressed the defensive side

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rumor has it, it’ll be Gibbs. nothing set in stone yet.

It’ll be Gibbs.

I was gonna ask why the delay in announcing Gibbs if it’s a done deal. Have we officially announced any staff outside of Holgorsen?

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Not yet. Dana’s still assembling the staff and will be at the AFCA convention this week. Probably won’t get any announcements until afterwards.

There’s no real hurry as the recruiting dead period is still on.

I am fine if it is Gibbs but with this huge assistant salary pool we’ve been given can’t we look at some other perhaps higher-profile candidates? For example, UCF got Randy Shannon as DC, that guy could be a lower level G5 head coach right now.

I agree. If it does end up being Gibbs, I won’t be upset, but with $4.5 million at his disposal, I think Dana may have some higher profile targets in mind.


Money will go towards top-notch recruiters and guys like Carrier, who are receiving offers from schools with more money. This will be similar to how Herman built his staff and how guys like Saban operate in that we don’t want a top-heavy staff. We’re aiming for quality everywhere.


Yeah that’s a tough spot that Carrier is getting national love then the alma mater comes calling. If he moves on now or eventually I get it. Nothing like the CKB situation for a variety of reasons.


OK, may not be Gibbs now since they upped the salary pool. Keep an eye on Gibson of WVU and DeRuyter of Cal.

Hmm. What’s the story on DeRuyter and Gibson? I think DeRuyter runs an aggressive 3-4 and had salty defenses at Air Force and A&M. Cal wasn’t very good team but they didn’t seem to give up many points. Don’t know much about Gibson.

Cal’s Defense was excellent.

DeRuyter would be a very good hire.


Wasn’t DeRuyter the AF DC that forced all the TO against Case in that bowl game?


Didn’t Pez interview DeRuyter for our HC position?


Yep, he got the A&M DC job after that.

Yes, they overlapped at Cal for a bit.

I feel like we are a P5 with all this staff talk lol


Of the two I am leaning more to DeRuyter … but nothing against Gibson …

DeRuyter appears to be an individual more suited to co-ordinator DC expertise than HC … his record demonstrates that he has turned the schools he has coached as DC around to defensive powers … that and it is reported he may want to return to Texas …

Gibson is well liked by his players and appears to want to stay in WVa but apparently Neal Brown will bring his own staff which may leave Gibson in limbo … or … gone/not retained … I am also reminded of the OU/WVa game this year in the freezing WVa cold and snow and ended up a barn burner OU winning 59 - 56 OR not much of a defensive game …

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Guessing you’d rather have either of them over Gibbs?

Uhhh … I would rather have Bull Winkle Moose over Gibbs … :wink: