DCTF's 50 most important CFB players in Texas - #3 Greg Ward

Previous UH players:
21 - Steven Taylor
33 - Chance Allen
47 - BJ Singleton

The 50 most important college players in Texas in 2016 — No. 3: Houston’s Greg Ward Jr.

To understand Ward’s impact go back and watch the lone loss for Houston last season. Ward’s presence changes defenses. His ability to run forces linebackers and safeties to spy, creating 1-on-1 opportunities for wide receivers and tight ends in passing situations. That same ability also prevents defensive linemen from aiming at the same point when pass blitzing or from attacking a backside run without fear of the quarterback reversing out the other side. Ward’s impact is in the production and the film. He’s a leader and one of the best players we have in this state.

My guess is that Myles Garrett of A&M is #2 and Pat Mahomes of TT is #1.

How is it possible for them to get our record wrong?

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