Dec 19th UTEP @ UH - 7pm CT on ESPN 3 (W 77-57)

Any thoughts on what changes CKS may implement for this game and going forward?

Demands Grimes to shoot or drive to the hole.


i dont think there will be major changes…i think he will just challenge every to step up

mills probably deserves a start but mills isn’t a point and sampson loves defense too much to bench grimes or nate

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Probably going to be a slow game if UTEP has its way. I imagine we will try and push the pace and get Grimes and Jarreau to score in transition and get them going. We’ve got to find a way to get some momentum moving toward the basket outside of the half-court game. If we get into a half court game and teams force us into taking perimeter shots, we will struggle. But Jarreau & Grimes should thrive getting to the rim in the transition.

Part of the problem with getting transition points is the fact we don’t force a lot of turnovers and aren’t getting a lot of steals. I imagine that’s because we’ve been focused on the younger guys learning how to defend and just being “solid” before encouraging them to take any risks. We need to be better defensively to get easier baskets.

We will need to load up on the offensive boards, as UTEP is a pretty good defensive team.

Will be interested to see how we approach 3 point shots (as in how many we take), as UTEP is pretty good at defending the 3. Can we hit three point shots against a team that can defend the 3?

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I expect the lineup to change to Nate Grimes Fabian Bryson and either Mills or Ced. I dont think Dejon starts and I’m on the fence if ced starts because he starts slow sometimes.

I also think we dont shoot as many 3s and draw the foul at the 2.


your lineup has no point guard. dejon or sasser will be the starter the entire season

utep is also a traditional man to man team…will be curious if they switch to zone just for us

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That’s the problem. There is no true PG on the roster. Jarreaux is not a PG. Just because he likes to drive the lane out of control and (1) put the ball on the rim, or (2) make a wild pass does not make him a PG. I’ve seen enough. Let Grimes bring the ball up the court and get the offense started.

Go Coogs. Peace.


i disagree, he just inst the kind of PG you are accustomed too…if you look at any game after midseason last year…when galen and dejon were on the floor at the same time it was dejon running the point …


Yeah because I thought Grimes would take it like the other poster commented. I just think hes mad enough to try it.

UTEP has lost 15 straight on the road.

I guess Kelvin doesn’t know as much as some on the board

You’re correct in that Dejon is not the same style of PG that Galen was. He wasn’t brought in to be, either


I don’t like Jarreau at point but that’s just my preference. When Dejon goes to the top of the key with the ball it feels like the whole team goes into one-on-one mode…like there’s no order. Its just a vibe or something I get.


He will demand that the Coogs play to their culture, which he said in the OSU post-game that they didn’t, especially in the first half. Second half yes, up to the point we tied the game and then everything went South again.

Dimel still coach them?

Well…he’s still the coach. Whether or not he coaches them…

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UTEP is a whole different team than Last years. They have a lot of talent than the years past and will win a lot if road games this year.

Jon Rothstein via Twitter:

”Tonight could be the night where UTEP’s Bryson Williams becomes a national name… Dangerous home game for Houston…”

Yes. UTEP’s talent is much better than last year. They’ll have a good shot to win CUSA. Their coach is Rodney Terry, who had a decent, but not spectacular, run at Fresno and was one of the folks we interviewed for the job here when we hired Dickey.

If we lose tonight I call panic button.