Declared Departures

I figured we should consolidate the players who are opting out of the extra year of eligibility provided by the pandemic.

So far, I have heard Marquez Stevenson, Grant Stuard, and Payton Turner. Any others that I am missing?

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I think these players are all seniors, are they not?

Nobody loses a year of eligibility this season


Good idea to keep track of departures in one thread. It has to be a tough decision for seniors who are borderline prospects whether to come back and try to raise their stock or take their shot at the pros. I imagine a lot of variables would factor into that decision.

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I would assume Damarion Williams is gone with his good chance to get drafted. Who is the biggest target the coaches try to convince to come back? Would Braylon Jones want one more year? Car or Porter who would be guaranteed to be featured back. Corbin again?

I really hope that Marcus Jones doesn’t take his amazing punt return skills to the NFL next season.

Gosh, we could really use them!

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Porter is moving on to the real world, per Holgorsen when on 97.5 last week.
Jovanni Stewart is staying.

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If Stevenson stays another year his improved draft status might mean more money than going to the NFL this year.

Just coming back doesn’t necessarily mean improved draft status. What does the WR draft class look like this year vs next year? 2019 was insanely good. Where would Stevenson be ranked amongst that class?