Defense is Strong, and Defense Travels

We have a very good team that can go deep in March. A complete team to me would be a true center down low.

Other than Purdue, who has that. I will take our rebounding over anyone.

I’m not sure. I just feel like that would make it a complete team for me. My favorite team was the elite eight team because we had that option with Carlton when shots weren’t falling and nothing else was working.

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Great thread title and message.

Shout out to CAB. Much respect to that man. Not completely sure this program is what it is without him.

Now if Tugler can learn to stop picking his teammates off the perimeter.
Just having fun with the freshman, he will learn.
This defense is really good. Watching a game and thinking we are making too many mistakes with our rotations and teams shooting over their heads. Then I look at the score 12 min into the game and the opponent is scoring south of 1 pt/min.

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Years ago I learned to predict a game’s outcome when the game hits the under 16 minutes first half break.

By looking at the opponents’ score. Very,very often it will be at 4 or less. They are averaging one point per minute of play. That projects to their scoring 40 or in the 40’s for the entire game.

At the 4 minute break the game already is over. Our Defense already is confusing the opponent and stifling their normal Offense.

In the past 7 seasons it is a rare game we lose when our Defense opens strong. Could count them on one hand with fingers left over.

Dayton scored 28 in first half. Game was over.

Our Defense looks to be at a high level, to me it looks better than last year. Watch Roberts. He puts on a clinic with his defense and Offensive rebounding.

This team looks good!

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