Defensive Assistants

There is a lot of talk about who will become DC but lets talk position coaches. Our DL was horrific outside of Oliver. Our secondary was highly inconsistent. Our LBs did their best to cover for both groups but they also had some deficiencies.

For DL coach, I was a big fan of the tenacity I saw from ECU’s pass rush. They had a lot of push against us.

Their DL coach is Rodrique Wright. He coached at SHSU prior to joining the ECU staff. Based on his experience in Texas, the AAC, and the success of his unit, I say he is one we should consider bringing on.



If we move on from our DL coach we should get another TX high school coach with a good rep from a strong local program, not necessarily at d-line again but at some opening. It will pay dividends in recruiting and allows us to get the best coaches at other positions without worrying about “Texas experience.”

I LOVE the idea of bringing in Rod Wright. He and Major’s careers at Texas didn’t cross paths, but I would assume there is some familiarity there. Interesting fact, his uncle: all-time Cougar great Elmo Wright.

I have mentioned this before, but I would be a big fan of bringing in Galena Park North Shore head coach John Kay in some capacity, perhaps LB coach.

I doubt we move on from Blum. DL was solid up until they had to start 3rd string guys all across the line. He developed Payton Turner from a no-name recruit into a starter in his 2nd year and was doing work with Logan Hall, another guy that was unheralded out of high school. He’s also a solid recruiter and loves the program.

I’m guessing Dan Carrel stays at LB coach as he’s done well with his position group of OLB. He’s considered to be a rising star and will eventually be a DC somewhere.

Paul Williams is probably gone. He was a D’Onofrio guy before coming here and was brought in as a favor to D’Onofrio. If Gibbs is brought in, he’s a former secondary coach and will either coach CBs himself, or want to hire someone he trusts.

Lamar Morgan, the safeties coach, is questionable. Depends on how CMA sees his recruiting and whether Gibbs feels comfortable with him or not. He did a great job with Gleson Sprewell, but Deontay Anderson was hit or miss. I’d lean toward him staying.

So, if Gibbs is the DC hire, I’d look for an ILB coach to be hired to the staff.


Our DL was horrific outside of Oliver? Our entire DL suffered end of the season injuries with possible exception to Oliver. Our second team DL suffered injuries. By the time the Memphis game rolled around, our DL were composed of reserves.


I’d be awfully surprised if any DC came in and simply retained the rest of the defensive staff. Any DC will want to bring in some of his guys.

I would be stunned if Gibbs/Spav/whoever didn’t make changes.

I wonder if Clay Jennings returns as the CB coach since he moved to Tech last year to be the DB coach.