Deion Sanders Makes Dana Holgorsen’s Houston Life Even Tougher — It Feels Like UH Is Falling Far Behind Just One Big 12 Game In

I feel zero sense of excitement, or anticipation of better things and good times. I’m not a big poster on here, but I love my school and my teams. I’m proud to wear my Cougar red, among the aggies and aggy wannabes that infest my neck of the woods. I didn’t expect to win the conference this year. Rather, I was hoping to be competitive, and coach out a few wins, but there isn’t a sniff of progress. As fans, we have long anticipated just the opportunity, and we’re blowing it.


On the bright side, it said Okie State’s loss to USA my be the worst Big 12 loss if the season. So not Rice

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can you imagine is prime was coaching Houston. Instead we have a bald headed turd coaching us.


“Then facing a fourth-and-inches later in the first quarter, after an impressive Jamaree Caldwell strip sack set them up in TCU territory, the call includes misdirection with a tight end coming up to the line like he could take a direct snap. . . and then a simple quarterback handoff to running back Brandon Campbell deep in the backfield. Campbell has as much chance of picking up the first down as a poodle does of out wrestling a pit bull for a tennis ball.”

Damn lol


totally agree…he should have been recruiting better from day 1 and not waiting on anything. He is not the guy!!

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Pearland steps out of character and resorts to petty insults.



This article is so spot-on. Also learned that we do not have an offensive coordinator. It’s Dana and the QB coach running the offense. A QB coach who was very recently an analyst. This is bad management and leadership at three levels; no offensive coordinator, putting an unqualified person in a critical position and blaming ‘execution’ or its lack on one of the worst offensive performances at Houston ever. This looks and sounds like someone who is not doing his job or even trying very hard. Maybe there are other issues, but from what is known for certain is that CDH is checked out. If any of this is untrue please comment and point out the mistakes. I will omit the post in that case.



Thank you. Analyst. If I can figure out how, I will make the edit.

I noted before the season that it felt weird being more excited for the Texans’ season (and future more broadly) than the Coogs’, and the gap has only gotten wider, which is weird to say when the Texans are 0-2.

Who are the Texans and which HS district do they play in?


CDH time is over. Let the search begin.

Other schools are taking advantage of it to recruit good players into the portal and really evaluating every player who enters. Both of TCU’s RBs were transfers and both committed a few days after entering the portal. It is clear that TCU worked to go get RBs that they wanted and didn’t just wait to see who ended up in the portal. Colorado did the same thing for most of their transfers. It might be illegal, but that is the way its done successfully. The worst thing is that Dana loves to go after guys he knows first even when better options are out there.

Yeah agree. It can be a great benefit to a team if done with care and precision and I’d argue in moderation relative to HS recruiting. I don’t get the feeling that CDH is taking this approach at all though.

I rather see grass grow instead of Dana’s offense