Deja vu all over again

I recall all the excitement when there was talk of the Coogs going to the Big East and would be in a BCS conference. That imploded and we ended up in the AAC. Yes, that was better than the CUSA conference but not what we expected. Then 2016-17 we were a school headed to the BIG 12 and we all know how that dog and pony show turned out. Right now this is all news reports but nothing more. Even if we were added to the Big XII do they still hold the same P5 power they once did? I can see the signs now when the media says there are now only P4 conferences and our sidelines with first down markers with P5 and helmets have a sticker that is changed from P6 to P5. I truly hope this ends up helping put the Coogs back on the big boy map again but I plan to wait and not get worked up on this excitement until the dust settles.


I can tell you this much.

If the Big 12 adds those four teams, then it will NOT lose its NCAA statutory designation as an equity conference.

For that matter, the AAC, without its best programs, won’t get it.

That statutory designation alone is enough to keep the Big 12 in the P5 discussion.

Will their TV deal be as good as the old one?

Maybe not.

But it’ll be FAR better than any of the G5.

The gap will be big enough to retain a “Power” distinction.


Agree. That would be a very good conference in both sports. And, to be honest, people will realize the only commodity they really lost was Oklahoma.


Big East was an already sinking ship and held sway primarily as a basketball conference (both at the time and historically). The Big 12 is so much different - the Big 12 will add teams - and as long as no current members exit - it will without a doubt retain “P5” status.

And - give it a few years - while I appreciate MONEY talks - and programs like Nebraska and Missouri are content to be bottom-feeders in their respective conferences (Big 10 and SEC) - for that MONEY - you never know - in a few years - I can see a re-born Big 12 actually seeming attractive to some bottom-feeders in the other P5s. Getting your ass kicked as the small fish in the big pond - is going to get old for a few after a while - Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado…

As for UH - I do not want to JINX it - UH will “survive” no matter what - but if UH wants to thrive this next decade - a move with the other top programs in AAC is a must…


Yes the TV contract is one thing. We also will have better basketball tourney payouts and CFP payouts… that will be huge difference maker for us


It’s a step up regardless.


Basketball will be ridiculous.


Even without that Power5 designation joining the Big12 with the rest of the other 3 schools is a major improvement to what we have with the AAC. The money would at least be twice as much, if not more if Bowlsby plays his cards right with ESPN.

I agree here 100%, I think the next move may be the big 12 takes 2 pac 12 teams colorado and az st. …that expands the market and increases the payout.
Nebraska and Mizzou are a stretch because they get too much from BIG and SEC…you would have to offer them more than the rest of the big12 members get
Much of this will be determined on how well UH, UCF and BYU do in the TV ratings……I don’t see UC increasing as much in TV ratings based on where they are located
If we trend upward then there could be a competition between fox and espn for big 12 in 2025…then others who are in downward trending positions might be interested in joining

The Big East would have been really cool as constituted when we were joining, especially hoops. The issue is that domino after domino kept falling.

That seems unlikely here. The remaining 8 schools seem to have been told the P4 don’t really want them. It’s possible that could change but seems much less likely.


Not as much as them staying in the PAC. Would you move for a $10M pay cut? This is simply what the situation is this decade, at least.

Like Brian Smith wrote “survive and advance”.


Imagine if we hadn’t left CUSA for the Big East tho. Yikes!


We can sit here and go through endless scenarios of what might happen. I think its healthy from a strategy standpoint. However, if the Big12 invites us it’s a must-move. We get more money, more exposure, and the geography is a much better fit for us. Its the SWC minus OU and UT… I find it more attractive than the AAC.


This does feel eerily similar to the Big East move. I imagine that, once again, we aren’t exactly going to get what we think we’re signing up for. Still better than where we are, though.


No way ESPN treats with Bowlsby. PRIOR to contract negotiations, he MUST be replaced. Some of the Big 12 schools think Amazon or Hulu will come save them but those were the same dreams of the Big East and we know how that ended.

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As a 50 year+ UH sport fan and ticket purchaser, I’m still skeptical of this whole Big 12 scenario.

It has been the case, like forever with our dealing with those schools; they will not do anything that will benefit UH. Watch the next few weeks or months how fluid this situation will get.

For this old-timer experience is a helluva teacher, there is no way 6 of the 8 remaining schools will vote us in. I suggest we slow our roll, don’t pop those bottles yet. On a positive note, maybe the pressure from the networks will get us in. I believe that’s our only chance. Hope i’m wrong…


I agree. But this is not about helping UH, this is about survival. Without UH, the BIG XII has no presence south of Waco. They can talk to any entity that will be showing the Big XII. They will all say “you need Houston.”

Reminds me of the scene in Airplane 2 where the news stations around the world are discussing the potential crash. The Russian newscaster is reading the news with a gun pointed at his head. Think of ESPN holding the gun at Bowlsby’s head while he says “We welcome UH to the Big XII.”

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This would be true few weeks ago. But w/o “OUT” (OU/UT combined :grinning:) in place there is no foundation. Different book.

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Arkansas and A&M made the SEC vote unanimous even though they didn’t want to vote for expansion. Same pressures will be applied. It is about money. They get more money by including us even though they hate and resent us. They are used to it, which is why they are in this mess right now.