Dejon Jarreau Highlights, Leader of the Final 4 Coogs

IMO is 100% an NBA worthy player


The athleticism is there. 6’ 5" point guard. Has matured alot. Just needs to work on his jump shot/3point shooting. His shot isn’t bad, but the NBA expects guards to not miss, ever, lol.

I could definitely see him in the G League next year

Best of luck to Dejon! Hope he can stay close to his family

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his shots is not any worse than lamelo ball and ja morant when they were entering the draft, who are similar style tall pgs.

Great vid man.

DJ Khalid “and another one”

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His play won me over to thinking a NBA team could use him. It was really fun to be able to hear him yelling encouragement on highlights this year. I did question his shooting, he needs to be set and have some time but he hit timely shots for us. Any question of toughness should be answered by his play in the Rutgers game.


Going to really miss Jarreau next year. That’s what an NBA guard looks like imo.


Lots…and I mean LOTS of guys in the NBA get wide open set shots all the time. If Dejon can find a system that will help him get those types of shots, he’ll do well. All of the other tangibles and intangibles are there.


Yeah but Deeky doesn’t have their skill and finishing ability.

they were top 3 picks no one is saying dj is a top 3 pick…dejon is also extremely skilled (and a better finisher than lamelo) , list every single skillset that are valuable to winning outside of shooting, dejon is likely top 30 among draft prospects in likely all of them… not accounting that he is likely the tallest natural point in the draft outside of cade

If he can get a combine invite he has a shot to get drafted in the 2nd Rd.

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really loved watching his play this year, its amazing how much he’s developed throughout the Sampson system.

going to miss him for sure!


Excellent tribute to Dejon. Over the last three years I don’t think I have seen a player improve like Jarreau has and I have been following UH hoops since the early '60s.
If he makes it at the next level it will be because he has all the intangibles…good size, quickness, quick hands along with being a freakish defensive player.
Whether he makes it, and I hope he does, I appreciate the thrills he has given this old man over the past few years. Without him there is absolutely no way we make it to the final four.
Baylor knew he was the key to our offensive game and the Bears completely blanketed him. something we just could not overcome despite the fact that sidekick Sasser was blazing hot in the first half.
Another great thing about Deeky is that he has his degree and not making it at the next level would not be an end all for him. In fact, the maturity he has shown from his junior to senior year IMO would make him a really good future coach…
Regardless, I hope the dreams floating around in his big heart come true…


Bruh I know there is no way in hell you just said Deeky is a better finisher than LeMelo :joy::joy::joy:

But I do think he will get a shot at NBA and deserves it, just don’t get ahead of yourself he can’t do anything better offensively than Ja or Melo. They were top 3 picks for a reason

lamelo is not a good finisher, he has never been known for being a good finisher… i watched most of his NBL games and many of his nba games… wait, just to make sure we are talking about the same thing, when you say finisher you mean making cotested layups? if that is how you define finisher it’s dejon and it might not be close… lamelo almost never takes contested layups he always passes on the contest…lamelo is really good at beating people off the dribble to get “clean” layups… but on tough layups where a defender is in the position to block the shot, that isnt lamelos game… dejon is known to contort his body to make difficult layups and avoid blocks
and being a top 3 pick doesnt mean you are great at everything…

Deeky is not even a great finisher :joy::joy: lol we just gone have to agree to disagree lmao I’m not about to debate that nonsense lmao

neither is lamelo… the the topic wasnt who is great but who is better…dejon is better than lamleo as a finisher… show me tape of lamelo making extremely difficult layups? he doesnt take them… he only tries to finish if he has a step or big height advantage on the defender… i can put together a good 6min reel of dejon just making tough layups from all 4 years in college

I’m not about to go put together a feel of a bunch of LeMelo finishes I have other things to do. I’m not debating u on who’s a better finish Deeky or Lemelo ball :joy::joy: that’s just silly I’m not going to waste my time with that.

Idk why you sent a video of Deeky dunking as if LeMelo hasn’t done that 100x against harder competition. Just drop it it’s not that serious if you think Deeky a better finish than you go run and tell everyone that :joy::joy:

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