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You’re just being disingenuous. It was better when I had you on mute. Bye bye

You can admit that opinions against Dana’s shenanigans bother you.

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Engineers usually hit happy hour as hard.

What decline?? I dont care about previous years…There is a HUGE increase in season ticket sales next year for obvious reasons… Did the price increase? Of course! I would expect it to, considering what our home schedule is… Dana needs to win next year… If he does, great… if he doesnt, he’s got big problems as far as keeping his job…

Yes, I can admit that constant criticism of Holgy bothers me, especially petty things. I also have no patience with folks who say they won’t go to the games if Holgy is our coach or if we don’t win X amount of games. This, if I can’t have my way I will take my ball and go home attitude sucks in my opinion.

His F bombs and refuting yet another stupid question about being on the hot seat doesn’t bother me and is just something else the anti Holgy crowd is looking to complain about. If CKS said the same thing there would be crickets.


Just muted? Oh no, it is better to put one on ignore like I just did with you.

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Y3out perfect world is UH being around .500 for 20 years?

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We can at least agree that if CKS said he’s not on the hot seat there would be crickets.

that is your question? Clearly no and that is not my expectation.

What is your definition of HUGE?

If our season ticket base last year was as bad as it was in 2009 then any increase will appear huge on a graph.

How is that not the coach?

Doesn’t win…Doesn’t scheme welll…Doesn’t prepare his team = boring!

Dana’s performance can be evaluated with three questions?

He started his job at UH by complaining about the lack of depth. He then ran off an excellent QB and tried to red-shirt the entire squad. Since then, UH’s record is terrible.

The question are:

  1. Who will be the starting QB this fall?
  2. How well does he know the UH offense?
  3. How much playing time does he have in UH football?

The answers are:

  1. Don’t know.
  2. None
  3. None

The guy is a bad joke, The joke is on UH and its supporters.

That’s a fantastic job of building depth.

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It’s a football game. Why would there be any loyalty? Especially when the university hasn’t reciprocated the money I’ve spent on very year, with few exceptions.

Since our AD told me we had almost 25.000 season tickets sold and expect 30 to 35.000 by August, and we have a 42,000 seat stadium, YES, thats my definition of huge… WHATS yours?
All you do is whine…

BTW, I thought TDECU holds 40K

Irony considering how many times you’ve claimed something to be certain and then been completely wrong.


Go cheer for Rice… THAT is where you belong…

That’s ALL because of the Big 12 and Texas…NOT because of the support for our coach and his vision

All the posts i made were about ONE thing, Houston joining the PAC 12, and i wasnt wrong… PAC football writers Wilner and Canzano both said PAC was sure to go to 16 in future, and that was a year before USC and UCLA bailed…PAC waited, waited and then get handed perfect opportunity by Texas and OU…The whole flippin college football world expected us to get a PAC bid, along with 3 other Big 12 schools…and they STILL refused to do anything…unbelievably…With 4 of 5 of us schools down in Cali for a press conference they were holding…It took the Big 12 about 2 seconds to invite us and the 3 other schools after they dodged THAT bullet…and the rest is history…You see what shape PAC in now because of not doing anything.


There you go claiming absolutes and what you wrote is Not true. All your posts have not been about the PAC.

You were wrong about the big12 and their championship game being granted by the ncaa. Amongst others. It doesn’t take a rice graduate to see that.

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