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Rhett Bomar is shaking his head


3 passes last year by someone other than the starting QB doesn’t build much depth at that position.
Or 15 passes vs FBS (35 total) the year before
And 9 three years ago.

Fun fact: in 2015 we had more pass attempts by true WRs than we had by backup QBs last year. (And that’s ignoring the 9 passes in 2019 by Smith when he was a WR)

You can see why he had to go to the portal to get QBs because he couldn’t recruit and/or develop a backup the last 3 years that could take over this year

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Great question because it exposes just what you believe is loyalty. Now it is clear why you have none. Its no big deal, you just arent a Coog fan unless they win, and even then you arent loyal.

Loyalty: A strong feeling of allegiance or support

That means a loyal fan doesnt bail when the team does something they dont like.

Would Baylor fans have been disloyal if they didn’t show up if they had kept Briles and Bliss?

Seriously? You make up a hypothetical response to prove what?

If demons flew from the sky and death was everywhere would you still be focused on your dislike of CDH?

You had no conditions. So realistic/current: if a Bama fan stopped going to basketball games because of the gun incident, are they disloyal?

You are clearly a lawyer or lawyer wanna be to have perfected circular arguing. Your questions again are stupid and have no merit.

Well, there was a severe lack of depth, and I don’t know the quality of the QB he ran off.

Just establishing limits to loyalty. Everyone has them. For some it’s scandal. For some it’s losing. We all have limits. Who are you to judge what someone’s limits are?

Its like the old story: a billionaire asks a woman if she’d sleep with him for $100 million. She says “Sure.” He then asks if she’d sleep with him for $5. She say “No. What kind of woman do you think I am?” He responds “We’ve already established you’ll sleep with me for money. Now I’m just negotiating the price.”

What are your loyalty limits?

I agree with your wife. Our games are boring. There is no enthusiasm in our stadium. It’s hard to understand.

As a team you can be lousy or boring- not both.

The QB was D’Eriq King who accounted for 50 touchdowns the year before Dana arrived,

Wrong again, as usual, Aldine Blue. The Big XII was NOT going to invite Houston until Pez called Tilman Fertitta, and he pulled the important strings to get us an invite.

And Tune proved to be better…

As the creator of this thread - I apologize for the virus that I somehow started

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Do people like Dana?

you did a great thing. I never knew people loved Dana this much.

I know the Kansas state people who make those decisions. They took up the leadership of the remaining Big 12 schools when Texas/OU left because someone had to do it, and they wanted to…K State determined we had to be a part of the expansion, and they warned the Big 12 schools they better vote the proper way when the time came…TF couldnt do a thing to get Kansas, WVU, Iowa state or okie state on board, but K state made sure they WERE on board.and i am sure they put their own pressure on Texas schools as well…Youre truly dumb if you dont understand it was a collective effort from many to make sure we got in…No one…NO ONE…hates us more than Kansas. But they voted for us when the time came.

I’m not disagreeing with you but why does Kansas hate us?

Some of the haters need to spend some their energy spreading the venom to baseball, golf, softball, women’s hoops, programs that will embarrass UH next year in the Big 12 a lot more than the football team will.
As far as attendance goes, it isn’t a problem just created overnight by one coach.
Note I am not nor have I ever been a DH fan, but I go to games anyways to root for the youngsters who elected to come to UH
And if I had the funds and lived closer I would be coming to games of UH teams.
Fertitta is the one that brought in Dana and paid most of the salary and he will probably the one who makes a decision to fire.
And Fertitta can touch that contract if needed