Dellenger: There is early conversation between FSU/Clemson and Big 12

Via John Kurtz. Take with a grain of salt

Would be an absolute coup, but I’ll believe it when I see it.


That’s my general attitude about most things in college sports.


He’s not entirely unsourced, though I think for those two schools it is SEC/B1G or bust.


Big12 football js better than acc minus fsu/clemson. If you got those 2 u probably can get ND too as a partner

Not really. Big12 just have to be close to big10/sec in money. In 1 way or another.

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I love dry humor.


Dellenger said he thinks there had been talks, so there is nothing concrete that they have talked.

But Yormark is aggressive so maybe talks have happened.

I think the B12 is going to be the home for FSU/Clemson, along with two other valued powers. UVA and UNC would go to the B1G on a more academic note than anything (B1G Academic Alliance) and the SEC ain’t pickin anything up soon). :shasta:

While I don’t think it is more than likely to happen, I would not completely laugh this off. It is quite possible that the BIG could not get existing members to approve new ones. The SEC may be the same.

In that case, why wouldn’t they just stay in the ACC?

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:man_shrugging:t4:. For whatever reason they don’t want to.

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But what would make the Big 12 more appealing then just staying where they are? I can understand them wanting to leave for the SEC or Big Ten but if those options aren’t there for them, then I don’t see why they would want to change conferences at that point.


They have to give the ACC notice by August 15, 2024 if they want to play in a new conference by 2025

If you want the two hottest girls at school to notice you, start flirting with number 3


I’m not sure the Big 12 is absolutely FSU’s or Clemson’s next conference home, I do think Yormark is going to look under every rock to try and make it happen but it is a serious longshot.

It can only happen if the SEC and B1G turn them down since they do not bring added value to those conferences which has been reported.


Acc is weak in football.

Who reported that?

I disagree.

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