Great job. Are you democrat cult members proud of this?

I prosecute drug crimes.

Fentanyl is a menace.

Dem opposition looks bad here.

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Don’t respond to the troll.

Come on, dude.


How in your mind is that trolling?

Guess this article is trolling? I didn’t conduct the study.

Once again, don’t respond to the troll. He is a pathetic POS. He doesn’t deserve your attention…

The study probably shows why you showed no empathy towards the Christian kids who were murdered by that trans. Just worried about the twitter trans friends you claim to have. Being self aware is needed for self improvement. Hopefully one day you will see the light, my cheerleading buddy.

By the pictures, democrats seem like nice people.

I’m hardly responding to a poster.

I responding to the Dems (and one Republican) that stupidly voted against this.

They don’t want another war on drugs, even though it worked to clean up crime.

You’re feeding a troll. Lazy response.

“ Being self aware is needed for self improvement “


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Not really. It cleaned up Times Square. That’s about it.

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You must have not lived in Houston during those times. Or America in general.

The war on drugs has been going on for 50 plus years. It is the ultimate “forever war”.

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That’s an incredibly stupid response. I expect better from you.

Its not stupid, the 70’s and 80’s were super high in crime. Look no further than the movies that came out back then, or the TV show’s that dominated. A lot crime themed.

Even in Houston, Cathy Whitmire lost to Bob Lanier in a shocking election, because he ran on tough on crime platform. What did he do as soon as he got into office? He took the metro monorail budget and gave it to the police. Guilliani, same thing. It was a dark time in the US.

I explicitly said Giuliani cleaned up Times Square. The “War on Drugs” had little to do with that.

You’ve watched “New Jack City” too many times.

The war on drugs was just a guise to throw criminals in jail.

I don’t think I disagree, but it was a huge failure.