Denver Harris in Portal

CDH would need to think long and hard about bringing him in.

Why? What happened to warrant that statement?

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Who is this guy?

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He’s a freshman and already been suspended twice.

5-Star CB from North Shore

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We learned our lesson with that Alabama transfer

Kid needs maturity. Needs structure. Won’t find it with this staff


Prolly Ole Miss bound. :wink:

Damn…huge risk imo

Things could get ugly if we don’t start off performing well & winning games against better competition in the Big 12 next year.

Having divas or bad apples on the roster wouldn’t help. Hard pass for me.

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Zach Evans hasn’t exactly excelled at Ole Miss.

We lack talent and some talent comes with baggage.

If it doesn’t work out, then we haven’t lost anything. If it does work out, then both the player and program benefits.

I’m pretty sure his parents weren’t pleased. Hopefully they read him the family riot act.

If he’s humbled from the experience, then we might land a golden nugget.

I vote…Yes.


But he did excel with a disciplinarian coach in Patterson. Even made the All-Academic Big 12.

If he’s all-academic b12 then he’s probably not a real problem. That takes consistent focus and effort, especially with the other things going on


Wait… He’s shown interest in UH…?

Oh no, he was speeding through a parking garage? Off with his head!! Please tell me he did something alittle more offensive for all these negative comments. Were you all choir boys at 19?



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He hasn’t done bad. 6.6 a carry, 8 tds and 800 yards. I know they were running a three headed running game for awhile so that is not bad.

He was One of those suspended for supposedly smoking weed in the locker room before the South Carolina game ,

He was referring to Zach Evan’s before he transferred to Ole Miss when he was at TCU
Denver Harris is a freshman at A& M and isn’t eligible to be a big 12 all academic because he is in the SEC.

Evan’s had done good at Ole Miss, if I remember correctly he is ok with not being a work horse in order to not get so beat up game after game