Deploy Ballistic-Missile Submarines Against Putin: Ex-National Security Advisor

He wants to play a nuclear game of chicken. :grimacing:

I can tell ya this much. I’d have all of them ready to retaliate in the event of a strike, given Putin’s rhetoric.

Not saying Putin will follow throw by any means (MAD tends to prevent that), but you always need to have a contingency plan.

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Do any of you think we are not ready top retaliate?
At least I am assuming that we are ready.
Anybody, anybody against SDI is playing in the hands of despots, dictators and this current situation. More possible conflicts? = more arms deals profiting arms dealers.

So I’m not anti-counter moves/escalations by any stretch I just believe that there has to be a clear objective. And this doesn’t have that to me. If this was done the weeks ago, maybe, but now a big public deployment makes no sense. You want to tell the boomers to steam towards their designated strike locations it’s reasonable. But I don’t think it’s some magic intimidation move line Kellogg implies.

A more fun move would be to start dropping off crates of weapons and ammo close to coastal population centers in Russia for “the resistance” If it actually gets to resistance factions… Great. But the main goal there would be to get Moscow to get more jumpy about internal problems and maybe take their eye off the ball.

Don’t know whether we are or are not ready to retaliate against any nuclear strike, but as I said, we need to be ready, so I can’t say that this guy’s suggestion is a bad idea in that regard.

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I’m glad he’s not part of our national security team. Maybe others like him in the chain just can’t speak up like him because their part of the admin. I don’t think we need to ratchet up the heat. It’s dangerous. I get his thinking otherwords Mr Putin your are not the only one who has a big stick. That is nuclear gamemanship with the fate of the world. People need to understand you pull the trigger there’s no going back humpty dumpty is broken for a long long time. I don’t like it.

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I’m kinda shocked to hear we only have 5 or 6 deployed at anyone time. From what I read we have a fleet of 14 Ohio class submarines. He is saying we have less than half deployed at anytime ! His title as
general , does that imply he is an army guy and not a Navy man. But it seems like bad idea to ratchet up
the ultimate conflict.

When your only tool is a hammer

1 on station - 1 going - 1 coming - 1 in maint cycle - 1 in refit/yard

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Ahhh, that makes sense now with your explanation !
So that gets to 6 deployed in mission and 5 or so more in different stages of transitioning.

same reason we have 12 carriers & LHA/D’s that’s bare minimum to maintain on on station in the Pac/Atl