D'Eric King

Now in at QB against the Roughnecks on ESPN2


Did they pull him?

DC looks good…

Were they chanting “Houston Sucks!”

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Houston elicits more hatred than even NY. I guess because the Astros keep winning. But everyone hates Houston.


Any highlights?

He only comes in during certain situations it looks like

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Speaking of QB’s man has Dana strike out in a few them, eh. Massoud, Kopp & Smith :weary::writing_hand:

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short yardage and short red zone it seems.

Holman Edwards too.

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I like Ike

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The Astros’ arrogance after being caught cheating didn’t sit right with a few folks,

If I knew for a fact everyone was doing it and I got hung out to dry by the league as a scapegoat, I’d be arrogant as hell too.


HateTown Baby!!!

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It doesn’t have anything to do with arrogance…

It’s all because the Stros are beating the hell out of everyone… Especially, the Yankees!


what’s the point of cheating if ya lose?

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