D'Eriq King at WR?

Is there any chance we see D’Eriq King at WR or some other skill position? He was great at QB in high school, but I’m afraid he may fall too far down the depth chart next year and become disenchanted if he’s standing on the sideline all year. Too good of an athlete to lose out on. I’m pretty sure he’ll red shirt this year, but I wonder if we will see him at WR next year while he waits his turn at QB. Any thoughts?


That’s an interesting thought. He’s a little small and I’m not sure if he has ever played any CB. But hopefully he will be teachable.

Let’s see how the Spring 2017 QB competition goes before we start moving great HS QBs to different positions.

I agree. I like that Herman makes these guys compete each and every year. My question was just based on an assumption. I can see King playing somewhere else as much more likely than Kyle Allen. But ultimately I want the best person under center even if it means we lose out on a great talent. It’s been a while since my beloved Coogs have been in such a talent-filled position.

the next Trevon Stewart…if QB doesn’t work out…safety…

I want bowman sells at TE, and King at QB. :laughing:

Has he taken a snap on campus?

I imagine CTH’s philosophy is that every player will get his opportunity to play the position he was recruited to play, and let the best man win.

Sigh. We’re going to have another “O’Korn vs. Ward” type fight/debate, aren’t we?

Since the chances are slim that Ward will be moved to wide receiver, let’s start suggesting the next athletic QB who is a clone of Greg Ward get moved to QB. Performance on the field be damned …

Everyone calm down. This is just a hypothetical question. I didn’t mean to suggest I thought King would lose the QB competition. Was just asking if he did, what do we think would happen? We have to do something to keep ourselves busy while waiting for the season to start, right?

I trust the coaching staff to put players where they can best help the team.

I’m with pepelecoog. I think it is way too early for we alumni and fans to figure it out, or even know the options. I am confident that the best QB will be on the field and it is up to CTH and CMA to figure it out. I’m cool with whomever that turns out to be. The kids know coming in that nothing is guaranteed and there are multiple stud QB’s either already on the roster or coming in with each class. Team players play where the coach puts them – see Kyle Postma.

Speaking of KP, I am assuming he will stay at QB this fall and if he doesn’t win the starting QB slot in 2017, will return to WR. Too talented to remain on the sideline if there are other backup options available.

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I think it will be just like Postma, if you are working hard and are too good to keep off the field then CTH will find a place for you on the field.

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why move king, i get he doesnt have a great chance to start next year but postma is gone in 2017, and if allen has any remote draft buzz in 2017 he will be gone aswell

if king red-shirts he could still have 3 years of eligibility left. and the only qbs on the roster in 2018 will be king, bowman and bryson and a true freshmen…
i think bowman could be a great qb, but he isnt good enough that i can say he will be a 100% hit. i think highly of him but i also thought highly of bram and he looked horrific on his 1 game with legitimate minutes at UH. king produced like crazy in HS. i wouldn’t feel comfortable not developing his qb skills until someone in his class or younger has a strong hold on the position

To get him on the field early? Sure. But certainly not as a permanent position change.

This is exactly what I was hinting at. Just like Ward, use him where you can, but continue developing him as a QB. I do think he should be redshirted this year regardless.

Well, it looks like my theory wasn’t too far off track. Same result, different route getting there than I originally thought.


UH freshman D’Eriq King makes switch to receiver - for now


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