DeSantis Complains teachers trying to make him look bad

He is doing that without help from teachers.

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Gov. DeSantis’ conservative takeover of a liberal arts college could silence diversity, critics say | CNN

It is interesting that the college has like less than a thousand students. Less alumni to push back, can call it a win for his supporters and as usual ignoring the people actually affected by this or any collateral damage.

And it is a money grab for his unqualified appointee who will make 600k a year to de-woke the school.
It is just another money making scheme by Desantis and his sycophants.

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This guy is starting to look pretty scary.

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Hes trying to do the right thing. Prevent grooming and socialist indoctrination in public schools.


Are you referring to the issue with books of the issue with the liberal arts college from the article Lawbert posted?

“Grooming” is another term lazy far right wingers use to excuse them not reading articles. Headlines only!