DI Council introduces football staff size change

The proposal would require schools to designate 30 individuals who will participate in on-campus football recruiting activities in FBS. If passed, the proposal would become effective Aug. 1, 2018.
Those individuals would be able to initiate written and electronic correspondence with prospective student-athletes, their parents or legal guardians.

The number of designated individuals would include all countable coaches, which currently are the head coach and nine assistants but will increase to 10 assistants Jan. 9. It also would include all graduate assistant coaches. FBS schools are allowed a maximum of four graduate assistants in football.

The Council also introduced legislation that would establish a new start date for preseason football practice.

If adopted, teams could calculate the start of practice by counting back 25 days from their first game of the season. The 25 days would not include a scheduled day off once a week.

For example, a team playing its first game Sept. 1, 2018, could hold its first practice Aug. 3.

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