Did anybody see this coming?

Hell, I didn’t. After last weeks game I thought the team was on a roll going forward. Seems like the Coogs cannot handle success, big game win, and top 25. So much for a big bowl dream…

Yes we coog it at least once a year


Yes, see defense for explanation.


I wish we hired Orlando and not this UT hack.


Yeah, how is that UT defense looking right now? Hire a guy with no connections in the state of Texas. Our current DC was recommended to Applewhite by your beloved DC at Texas. We would have had D’Onfrio either way.




Bump. Are we overlooking SMU ala 2016. Lol, ranking or no ranking these guys can very well bring the whole house down . No one is going to care about bloody UCF’s ranking if that happens.

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We were 14.5 favorites so anyone who flat out predicted we’d lose would have been kind of crazy. That said, I thought the line was way too high and am not too surprised we are going to lose. Defense is trash, especially without Ed O. Anytime we had an off game on offense (like tonight) against a team with half a pulse we were going to lose. I also thought the playoff committee was right and that we weren’t a real top 25 team. USF were complete frauds. The only semi-good team we played we literally could not stop.

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I sure as hell did. SMU’s like Rice, another team that sees us as their Super Bowl every year, they come out playing 1000% effort against us and we never seem to account for it


Its almost like they have been preparing for this game for weeks.

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It is both defense and offense. Our offense isn’t passing and the run isn’t getting it done.

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No I mean I’m not too surprised because of how defense has played year. They were never good enlugh to keep us in a game under this DC.

Probably were. You think SMoo forgot 95-21? They’ll get up for UH. One of our problems is our selective short memories.

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Yes. I saw the schedule, saw Tulane play early in season, SMU is an old in state rivalry with new coach. Always a potential toss up. Too many trap games in a row with our defense and injuries.

Guess you missed the trap game thread.

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As I posted a week ago SMU’s year is made by beating U H regardless of their record. I have seen this scenario before over my last 50 years of supporting the Coogs. I can’t remember what year it was when we let SMU come back big time in the Dome. For SMU a win reinforces their superiority over lowly public school Cougar High! That’s why I always want to dominate them.

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I mentioned that earlier this week…got the usual reply…

And your point is???

Uh yeah, a mile away.

Oh you covered the topic very well.

Yes, tried to mention this in the Oliver was he or was he not going to play thread. Someone posted the scores from a couple of years ago, we needed Oliver and a lot more tonight.

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