Did Anybody See This Coming?

I’m really stunned by the performance of the team. The offense is too predictable and the defense can’t make the big stops.

What happened? Is the coaching staff resting on their laurels with their fat new contracts?

I haven’t felt this pessimistic since the Applewhite years…


No…I drank the kool-aid.


No. I really thought the offense would be exciting to watch with the new additions.


It all starts with the o-line. Our guys are not good and incredibly undisciplined. Coaches heads should be rolling.

If the o-line is trash the whole team will suffer. That was written as our weakness before the season. “ a lot of returning talent BUT the o-line will be new”

Boom! We all see the result. The o-line looks weak out there. Live they look completely outmatched and their demeanor is weak.

return all you want but a team that can’t control the trenches can’t control a game etc


I saw a very predictable offense out there just like when applewhite was out there. Sad


Nope. I did not see it falling apart this soon.


Kansas 4 man rush totally dominated OL. We repeatedly went several plays in a row where same OL player was beat off snap disrupting play call.


No the defense didn’t make stops after he second series. One of the worst defensive performances I have seen in years by our Coogs.


I hate the RPO especially as Applewhite ran it, but sadly it fits this team and Tune’s skillset better than what we’re doing right now


Saw this coming from a mile away.

Won all lot of money today


Great! We know where part of CDH’s buyout is coming from now, lol

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Unfortunately in passing plays it is a unit and one player”s mistake can kill entire play. It wasn’t hard to see where problems were coming from.

I drank the cool aid on the defense and depth of our DL. We are very small on D and getting pushed around fairly easily. Maybe that changes with AAC level competition.

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The O-line and secondary aren’t performing the way they need to for the team to have a 10+ win season. I think most of us knew they were the big question marks coming in to the season. Some mentioned RB but I was not and am not worried about them.

The O-line is still very young. Patrick Paul who everyone says has NFL talent gets a lot of penalties and he NEVER played O-line in HS. He was a DL. The O-line has 0 seniors on the roster. Freeman is a Jr. who did not play much last year because we had Cody.

Secondary has a number of Srs and I didn’t expect our corners to be Williams and Jones clones, but I thought they would do better than what we are seeing.

Also, all of you on this board who are melting down, GET A LIFE. I want UH to do well in sports but, good grief, it’s a game. Lighten up. Go out tomorrow and visit some of the many, many nursing home patients who never get visited. You’ll feel better and gain a bit of perspective.


I’ve see this coming for 3 years.


We have a good — but not great — team, and we played a better team today. So, KU definitely deserves more than some of the credit. However, our lack of discipline also definitely hurt us and helped KU (like it helped Texas Tech). I’m fact, we are among the most penalized college football teams in the country, and that was true through the first two games. So, it didn’t (sadly) surprise me that that trend continued into this game too. One can get away with such lack of discipline against average or lesser teams, but not against good teams like the one we encountered today.

I wouldnt use the words “saw it coming” but this was a very real possibility for me… but switch the kansas loss with utsa…

im normally the resident preseason overhyper when i think we will be good …but i did almost non this offseason. i never felt good about this team, and previously posted that i wouldnt put too much emotional investment in this team till we were atleast 3-0… which was smart, as im honestly not that upset and would have been otherwise

Nope wasnt good but that looks like an offense that will give the rest of the big 12 many issues…does our offense look the least bit good to you from what you have seen so far?

What I’ve seen this year is what we saw Holgorsen’s first two years only with a weaker schedule so far this year.

At least those years we played ranked teams in OOC games like #4 Oklahoma, #20 Washington, and #14 BYU

OL should do better in AAC play but today they were manhandled most of the game