Did anyone hear this on the CKS radio show?

Was listening to tonight’s Kelvin Sampson radio show. And an audience member brought up the transfer portal. The question was about a big. But, Coach pivoted to something else.

CKS said, there’s a really good player, who’s at a successful program, highly recruited, whos doing pretty good, who’s unhappy and wants to transfer to Houston

Conversation starts at (21:00)


No specifics on that player. Was just surprised Coach mentioned it.

Still many moons away from Transfer Portal talk.


Sampson was making the point about high caliber players being interested in coming to Houston. He didn’t say we’re interested in him. Not too different than what he said about HS recruiting in that a lot of kids reach out to Houston all the time, but that doesn’t mean they’re a good fit for the program. They have to fit the culture.

With that said, I wouldn’t mind seeing us pick up a transfer. I anticipate TA will continue to improve and get stronger physically but I would love to see Sampson add a shooter in the mold of Edwards, a guy that can shoot and play great defense.


I know no idea who it is. But guys we offered in high school who could be transferring this off-season:

Just cause of the Illinois disfunction:

2nd year at Kentucky and Calipari hasn’t developed him well. Getting few minutes

Demarco Dunn, got injured. But this would be 2nd yr at UNC, with little production

Freshman at Arkansas. Muss will recruit over you. Not getting many minutes

@nwcougar im in agreement with you, that instead of a younger player from the portal. Get a Kyler Edwards type, who has 2-3 years of college experience and can shoot the 3.

Currently we have 5 guards & 1 forward who are in the NBA or G League (Grimes, Brooks, Hinton, Edwards, Taze, Fabian).

So my guess, is we have alot of guards reaching out to us about transfer opportunities. Especially with how well Sasser has developed. And it just depends on fit. Have to be able to defend


After what Sampson did with Grimes and seems to be doing with Walker, I could see a lot of high level talent wanting to come here.

The great thing is the reputation of you are not going to be pampered and you will work your azz off has been established. So the weak of heart won’t apply. This will feed on itself.


note he said he is doing well, he just isnt happy …those guys you namefd arent doing well and buried in depth

which opens a million possibilities, some random shot in the dark names of guys we almost landed that are playing well, sought after and in a bif program; lj cryer, jonas aidoo, micah peevy, Cameron Corhen…and i could keep going…also noting he never said it was someone we previously recruited

interesting is that sampson didnt seem to oppose the addition, his tone was “its too late now” more “it was an interesting offer”


Yeah, could be many possibilities. If a player is doing well at a good program, then why not just turn pro?

Sampson im sure will want Shead & Mark both back. Then Sharp, Arceneaux, Mylik. That’s your 5 guard rotation right there.

Hard to work in a 6th. So like you said, could be too late, we’re already set for next yr

@pesik i was just surprised CKS mentioned it. And i guess whats not surprising is todays college basketball, players wanting to leave half way thru a season

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Interesting! He talked about players or their representative looking for a new team before they hit the transfer portal. I didn’t know that was legal.

I guess the reputation our coaches have at developing and being #1, attracts a lot of recruits.

Not to mention this guy stepping on campus next season, too…


Every time we are on national TV and the announcers rave about how good CKS is at developing talent and getting the best out of them, it’s like a recruiting commercial for the Coogs. The kids watch the games and it’s planted in their minds.


Ding, ding, ding…

Well said Mike !
Go Coogs !