Did we have a record day at the bar in the club?

Inquiring minds want to know.


You mean Aramark?

That sucks UH dsnt get that money.

I would imagine a percentage goes back to UH. Though there might be a guaranteed minimum annually.

Carlucci’s legacy continues. Not sure how many years are left on the original contract, but Carlucci let Aramark rape UH. Aramark advanced UH $1 million for the stadium and then got a sweetheart deal.

It’s my understanding that they didn’t owe UH anything until the $1 million was made back but that determination was 100% based on the good faith of Aramark’s accountants.

If that is accurate it was a horrible deal

He is right. We need to make sure that this does not happen again.

If things keep going as well as they have for our athletics, we will for sure have a better bargaining position. Hopefully the administration doesn’t give away the store again. Although, I wonder if they already fixed some of the contract issues. Since they dissolved that Houston Sports & Entertainment deal recently.

Wonder if HRM couldn’t manage the contract?

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