Did you turn the game off?

I was ready to stop watching a couple of times. But i hung in there and watched the whole comeback. Finally got one back as I have never gotten over turning off the bowl game vs Pitt and hitting the road. I came into cell coverage receiving a text saying “that was the most amazing comeback ever”
I was both elated and disappointed. I wouldn’t blame anybody for turning off the game last night but it sure feels better when you see the comeback live!

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No, but will admit a wee bit of channel surfing.

Watched the whole thing.
I just can’t turn off my Coogs. I don’t know why I am am addicted to them but I am. There have times it is been tempting though.
I still believe in CDH and the team.


I fell asleep after halftime.

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The opposite…I’m out of town and was at dinner for 1st half and most of second. Only saw online updates until about 10 minutes left when we got to a sports bar and had to ask them to change a TV to the game. Amazing finish.

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Nah. We only get 12 to 14 games to watch this team, and then they’re gone forever. And once it’s over it’ll be 8 or 9 long months until we get more. I’m getting as much of this as I can, while I can.


I did but my wife never gave up! Great comeback!



Fell asleep during the 4th quarter (for my excuse, I was fishing all morning and had some beers at dinner)

Woke up to a text from my UT buddy saying “did you see what your Coogs did?!!”

That was nice.

I did. Switched off and traveled to… “the Lands Between.” Rune Bears suck.

I watched beginning to end. Only left at half to restock so missed a couple mins of the 2nd half. Went from crying in my drink to waking up the kids cheering. Enjoyed every second of the Memphis Miracle!


Only game I ever left early or stopped watching was the UH-Army Armed Forces Bowl.


Nope. Stayed locked in good or bad.

When my team is behind, I’m for positives, momentum plays, leaders to get the squad back on track.

Gotta find the positives, football season is a war, not a battle.


I did not. Somebody brought it up. I had the same feeling that we had a chance to come back. I felt all along that we were our worst enemy. Outstanding that we kept believing. What is going on the field, locker room or football building is REAL.

Yes, turned it off in the 4th when we got stopped near the goal line. I found out we won via Google news article about the comeback. Glad we won.

We had show tickets last night and watched the first half or so at Birraporetti’s bar. I’ll admit that I was losing faith (I had us winning in the prediction thread). Was pleasantly surprised obviously when we got out and I check ed the score. Coogs were staring into the abyss of a lost season and did not blink!


Watched it all.


Thought about it a time or two, remember some of our comeback games. Like Yogi said, “it ain’t over till it’s over”

Turned it off and read the board. I found myself yelling at Dawson every time I read a post until the end. There’s no resolution that solves everything.

When Rogers ran the kick off back I had feeling would pull it out some how. Told my nephew as much

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