Diet Coke causes Cancer?

The WHO says it might. But they also list working at night in the same category. So take it with a grain of salt.

Wasn’t there a big to do back in the 80’s about the same thing?

And it turned out you would have to drink like 100 diet cokes a day for 1,ooo years or something.

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It was in late 70s early 80s with sacarin

My wife led with that when I opened a diet coke at breakfast “Are you trying to get cancer? The WHO said…”

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Was too young to care about it back then, happily drank regular coke, dr. pepper, sprite, Mountain Dew, big red, jolt cola. I only started drinking Diet Coke after I had kids!

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Holy crap….I forgot about Jolt :zap:……the first ever energy drink…lol

I remember going to my grandparents house and the two choices were Tab and Fresca…ugh

And to make things worse there was not even real kool-aid….it was Crystal Light.

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Damn that is rough.

I recall drinking tons of Jolt and No Doz cramming for a business final i was wired but I passed that final.

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lol. No Doz. My first year in studio and a guy took No Doz during an all nighter before a big project was due, he finished, but we didn’t see for a week after.


This sweetener is in everything not just drinks. Everyone ingests it in some form daily.


Sacchrine was determined to be about a decade or so ago. I think they were in the pink packets

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It was the old Sweet and Lo?

Wait…a beverage that consists of chemicals + artificial sweetners causes cancer?

Can cause cancer.

Random genetic mutations (aka “bad luck”) can also cause cancer.

That said, cutting back on things like Diet Coke can cause a decrease in bad luck.

I’ve heard Diet Coke causes Cancer and all sorts of other stuff (including PTSD in our troops) for over 20 years.

Like anything, black pepper, black tea, red meat, charred meat, but were talking purified chemicals in mice and rats. Humans can take quite a bit of damage before the dam breaks/genetics.

Japanese transplant study from the Jimmy Carter era, showed immigrant Japanese men had a much higher rate of colon cancer and stomach cancer vs domestic Japanese men. Implying that the environment plays a huge role.

-prostate is another one associated to sacchrin, but having a family history definitely plays a big role. Colon cancer on the other hand is not, it is an APC gene, which is non-familial. Which makes the Japanese study even more significant.

To cover all bases, there are multiple genes that mutate other than APC, cancer is a “multi hit model”. And takes on average 30 years to emerge as a disease. There is also hereditary non polyposis colorectal cancer which is familial, those are the people who get colon cancer very young.

  • very good book by dr Weinberg where I’m sourcing all this from
  • look up the warburg theory, another well supported hypothesis – it will make you want to quit soda all together

The United States has the worst food quality regulations of any first world country. Neither political party will touch food reform.

Yes, it is making us obese and sick but profits are being made.

For soda (diet and regular), go read the ingredients.

Those who put that into their body does so voluntarily because it is common sense that they are not good for you.

The WHO categorized that radiofrequency electromagnetic fields may cause also cause cancer, is anyone giving up their cell phones?

Yeah it makes profit up to the point where by 2030, half of all US adults will be obese. Not overweight. OBESE.

This is going to significantly put a strain on our hospital system for something that could ultimately be prevented, but instead of doing more to encourage healthy lifestyles, we promote drugs such as Ozempic which are literally bandaids because as soon as one stops taking the drugs, they gain all that weight back.

The body acceptance movement that’s going on right now won’t end well if we keep telling kids that being overweight is fine. It’s not fine, and it takes away resources from people who have actual genetic diseases and ailments.

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We are trying to promote a healthy life style. For example, did you know you can’t order a large milkshake at Chic-fil-a?

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