Director of Marketing leaving

Saw that Josie Drago is leaving to go work for Mercedes Benz. Means that the Director of Marketing and the Assistant Athletics Director for Marketing positions are open.

Can the director of ticketing please leave with her too! Tell him to go back to Bama!

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She didn’t even make it two years.

Pure speculation here, but coming shortly after Pezman’s arrival, I wonder if this was a wholly-voluntary departure.

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How do I put my name in the hat for that job?

Keep an eye out here:

What position did we bring the guy from the Dynamos over for?

Deputy AD?

Ok, Well I think people viewed it as a positive because he brought a marketing viewpoint with him.

If putting tickets on sale one day before a game so everyone that already bought tickets paid more and people that were holding out for a better price already made plans, was the job of marketing, clear the whole house out. Any special prices for a game should be up and running within hours (if not minutes) of the previous game’s final score. Announce a final score and specials for the next game at the same time on Facebook, Twitter, etc.