Disregard go coogs

If anyone is graciously giving away any tickets I have a bunch of friends and fellow students who have class until game time and are worried about not getting into the game because the student section WILL be full and they will put the cap on it and not let those arriving after in. So if you were planning on giving away any tickets please message me and I can give those tickets to some loud and rowdy students who also take care of their educational responsibilities! Thank you and go coogs!!!

What’s your email? Post this on the Coogs House facebook page if you are a part of it.


Not on Facebook if you don’t mind sharing that’d be great thank you

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Posted to Facebook. Hopefully we get some takers.

man coogs are the freakin best…thank you so much, see you there go coogs!

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Some immediate responses are that Stubhub has tickets for $6-$10.

Look up this app on your phone. GameTime - even after taxes and fees you can get tickets for $6.

of course if necessary stubhub is an option but I have seen tickets been given away on here and other forums so I figured I’d take a shot at it…if someone is giving tickets away, might as well be to those who contribute to the best student section in the country!

Update: found 6 tickets and all my friends are covered! Coogs are the greatest ever!!!

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