Dixie Wooten (Update: he's back)

Just saw that Dixie Wooten transferred out of the program to Blinn JC. Anyone have more info?

I don’t have anything super specific other than he was having a lot of problems with his grades. Hopefully he can go there for year and clean it up and come back to us. But if you look at the new spring roster thread you can see his tweet thanking all of us.

Bust after bust after bust.

I’m not talking about the hall of fame. Or a Vegas chorus line.

I’m talking about our OL recruiting.

I understand your disappointment about our inability to get good offensive linemen in, but you really can’t call this a bust. A bust would be our guys recruiting an offensive lineman that turns out to be terrible. This is just a case of somebody that can’t make good grades in school. We have yet to see what he can even do on the field. Besides he could go to Blinn and get his grades turned around and come back in and kill it.

UH has been more competitive as of late and getting good grades is harder here than in any other school. We really aren’t competing with Texas schools we are competing with the likes of MIT USC UC Berkley schools that actually make strides. I read an article once on how UH was one of the hardest places to get an A. Some of my old friends who had transferred to other schools say it’s a cake walk where they transferred compared to UH which made them more prepared and ahead of their peers. While this sucks because we lose quality players. They are being challenged and we are becoming more recognized.


Dixie was a bit of a partied while at UH and didn’t try to hard with the grades. Blinn is a good spot for him now; doubt he comes back.


I was wrong, kid worked hard and made it back quickly. Hopefully, he’s here to stay now.



Damnnn… So the pieces are there now for a SPECIAL season.

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Good job

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This is one of the most ridiculous posts I’ve ever read. I spent 1.5 years at UH undergrad then 2.5 years at UT undergrad. Then I got a Masters from UH.

Is it normal for an offensive lineman to wear 56?

Yes it is, and that was his number before. B. Jones is #52, J. Boatman is #57. Back in 2014 Damien Parris was #56.

Back in the olden days when I was in HS, centers wore numbers in the 50’s, guards in the 60’s, tackles in the 70’s ends the 80’s. QB’s were teens and below. Halfbacks were teens and 20’s (often HB’s also played some QB and those guys wore teens). Fullbacks were 30’s.

Now that is how it was at my HS; don’t know about the rest.


If our classes are competitive with MIT and UC Berkley, we probably shouldn’t be admitting 60% of applicants. That is setting up a lot of students to fail. Guess I’m now glad my nephews went to Columbia and UT. Apparently easier classes but more prestige.

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Did you reply to me on accident? What are you trying to tell me?

Nvm, guys yall take things way to seriously. I used my own personal relationships as examples. I also read alot about what we are doing in research and who we are competing against. If you dont believe in your school as much thats fine but everyday we change a little bit more. Yall are replying to a post made back in FEB smdh.

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qwanseekerBrad14h CMCoog17
This is one of the most ridiculous posts I’ve ever read. I spent 1.5 years at UH undergrad then 2.5 years at UT undergrad. Then I got a Masters from UH.

quan - Maybe you should try the longhorn board

My UH degree, life membership, season tickets and many volunteer hours a year in service to UH say otherwise.


Looks like this topic is going off course. I m glad Dixie is back. Hope he can crack the starting lineup. I really thought he was gonna be big time coming out of High School. Or maybe it’s just his cool ass name


He’s gotten in fine shape and mature. Will compete for probably the right tackle position.

I am really happy that he chose to come back to UH and really proud of him going to Blinn and getting his academics strait.


No doubt. I’m happy he got his grades in order and worked his way back to UH. That takes character and commitment. He’ll be a great addition to the o-line as he looks to be in good shape, especially compared to his HS days.