Do not feed the trolls, please!

Look, I’m guilty of it myself but try, just try not taking obvious bait.

Don’t let trolls reel you in. You will never win.

Let it go. Or just be a tad more judicious in giving them the oxygen they go through all this trouble for.

Exhibit A: I mean it’s hard to ignore but it’s more possible than you may think. Try it.

But getting closer every day.

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Ok i wont respond to you Johnny. Thanks for the life tip.

Life tip. No. 2 one good shoulder roll in bed gets most of the blanket.

Johnny, I used to have this same opinion. I now think that the left’s passiveness toward the right’s recent spiral has contributed to the problem.

Also, LOL at mods selectively deleting political threads but somehow leaving the Domestic Terrorism Fan’s thread up.


Someone has gone crazy flagging. I’m guessing that’s what’s driving the locked threads.

This will probably get flagged too because whoever is doing the flagging is really sensitive.

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I agree. But to fine tune what I meant, I was talking to the kind of obvious bait, chum really, like the pic I posted. That’s trolling. I’m just saying the less banter when deflections happen will help them die easier, maybe :thinking:

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