Do Past Baylor QB’s Look Like

Kyle Allen or D’Eriq King?

Robert griffin 3 or Jared ???


Look at Bryce Petty, Jarrett Stidham, and Seth Russell. All 6’3 with great arms. Somewhat athletic but not really Greg Ward or D’Eriq King types. They didn’t run much unless they saw a lot of real estate after they had dropped back and could easily scramble for 10+ yards. There were a few designed runs, but that was typically because the coaches saw an opening in the defense. Even Griffin, despite his speed, was more a drop back guy. Allen COULD really flourish under Kendal. So could Clayton Tune. I’m sure Kendal will start the guy who gives us the best chance to win, but don’t be surprised if Kyle Allen is the QB next season. We’ll see.


The Briles offense has been run with many different kinds of players.
Kevin Kolb - pocket passer
Keenum - scrambler and passer
RG3 - dual threat
Bryce Petty - pocket passer
Nick Florence - passer and scrambler (500 yards rushing in 2012)
Seth Russel - passer and scrambler (had 400 and 500 yards rushing in 2015 and 2016)
Jarret Stidham - pocket passer


Griffin rushed 179 times in 13 games his Heisman season, which would be six rushes per game. And undoubtedly about half or more of those were scrambles or even sacks. So the QB will run but it’s more about getting the ball to RBs and WRs in space.

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The best thing to happen to Allen was bringing OC Briles.


Pearland, who’s your screen picture? An old coach?

It’s hard to compare RG3, but he ran a lot in college:
2008 - 173 rushes for 843. 14.4 per game.
2009 - 27 rushes for 77. 9 per game (hurt early in year and played 3 games)
2010 - 149 rushes for 635. 11.4 per game.
2011 - 179 rushes for 699. 13.7 per game.

2013 - 45 rushes for 176. 4.5 rushes per game.
2014 - 118 rushes for 573. 9.1 per game.
2015 - 197 rushes for 1114. 14.1 per game.
2016 - 197 rushes for 518. 16.4 per game.

Ward ran more, but didn’t average more attempts on any year other than 2016 when he carried the offense on his shoulders.

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I remember when Kolb played his first game with us how he would take the snap and look for one read, maybe two and if no one was open would just throw the ball out of bounds. I read later that’s the way Briles taught his quarterbacks. For them, second and 10 was nothing. Better to live and fight another down than to throw an interception. I think that kind of mentality could do wonders for Allen. To me, his biggest problem was forcing balls into coverage-if they could coach that out of him he could be stellar in this system.

Overall, I think qb’s in this system need to be accurate and have a good deep ball. Athleticism and speed are just an added luxury but not a necessity. I agree with Sam Houston in that don’t be surprised to see Allen start next season with Tune as the future backup.

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I hope Allen stays to compete, but King is the leader in the club house right now.
Bryson Smith will also be in the hunt. But he is young and raw now.
Tune will redshirt and back up the following year.


If Allen wants an NFL shot he needs a great College Season. Enter K. Briles.

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I think Allen goes to a FCS school he needs to play and there is no guarantee of that if he stays here.

would it be possible for him to stay through Spring Camp to see what happens before making a decision on transferring?

He can graduate transfer.

Yes, but he’d be behind the 8 ball coming into a program a few weeks before the first game. So it’s doubtful that would happen. Classes start a week from tomorrow, so if he’s transferring he better get a move on. I’m hoping he stays. I think he could finally realize his potential with Kendal as OC.

Has interchanging two quarterbacks ever been done during consecutive games where you dont just rest one if the first one is dominating? i get that if one gets hurt you dont have a backup but if the line is good is it unheard of?

We’re trending for a pro-style QB named Clayton Tune. He isn’t a dual threat but like Allen and Stidham is mobile enough. If you pay attention to his decommitment date from Kansas, it would appear that the hire of Briles has quietly been the works for some time now.

FAU offered him in mid-December.

I’m guessing it’s safe to assume Briles got a head start with him before coming here. I wonder how long he evaluated C.T. before offering. I think he commits on the 12th and ends up signing on NSD. We just have to watch out for UCF. They’ve recently offered.